The Earth is an incredibly magical place! It's full of amazing energy all over the planet and it has the ability to bring us some amazing healing!

Earth is a life of itself and with that it includes similar things to what we have as humans. Including chakra's! 

Just like we have chakra's located on our body, the Earth has chakra's located on hers. And just like us she has 7 main chakra's and many minor ones, just as we do! 

These Chakra's are powerful Vortex's that have the ability to bring immense healing. They can also be used to amplify intentions, for manifesting! 

With the assistance of Merlin and Einstein I learned how to harness and work with the energy of the vortexes and am now offering Vortex Healing Sessions! 

The Vortex's are a cyclone of energy that clear and balance our chakra's and our energy. They also are incredibly powerful at removing fears and limiting beliefs. I also work with the vortex's for boosting manifesting and creation of the reality we most desire. 

Elizabeth says:

It was intense!  Holy wow!!! As per the usual. Intense animal visuals in the beginning with a VERY Intense focus on the eyes. I had intense pressure in my neck, head, ears, eyes and throat. Then a rippling warmth spread all over my face. Then an itch in my throat, and a piercing feeling in my ears. All during the vortex healing. Meeting with Gaia was incredible. I would certainly do it again! I was like it was drilling crap I believe about myself OUT.

Jean says: 

I found myself in a meadow of tall wheat grass, and then I found myself in Tibet in the mountain tops...which actually explains something that happened in Sedona. Saw two faeries with me in the wearing green and another wearing purple. :) Totally cool healing and manifesting adventure!! Thank you!!!!

Are you ready to step into the Vortex and get a deep healing? Are you ready to connect with guides who are eager to connect? Do you want to meet your personal Magical guides like Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids and Faeries? You want a chance to connect with Merlin? Here's your chance! 

In this session we begin by identifying the areas you are conscious of needing healing and what you are hoping to get our of the session. 

We then begin with the healing and I channel my guides as I do the healing, following the direction I am shown. We step into a space for relaxation as we begin and to deepen that connection with the Earth. The guides then raise your vibration so you are able to connect at a deeper level to the magic and the guides coming in. Different Beings will begin to step forward, often this includes Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, Faeries, etc. Whoever is showing up for YOU and what YOU most need. I then bring in the vortex that is best for your personal healing and with the assistance of my healing guides, we will begin to do the healing. This may include manifesting as well as you hold your vision in a vortex it amplifies the energy.

I will channel information as we go, often pertaining to the messages you most need regarding your healing and what you are experiencing. 

After the healing is complete I am available for providing psychic guidance, so come with questions! 

The healing can last from 20-30 minutes (in most cases) so if you want time to receive psychic guidance you'll want the full hour session as the 30 minute session will likely not allow much extra time. 

This is available for $295 for an hour or $200 for 30 minutes. 

Are you ready to step into the vortex?!


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