Welcome to The Priestess Experience! 

This is a 4 day dive into the ways of the Priestess to help you get a greater understanding of what Priestess energy is, how it helps you to step into it, what the difference is in 'labels' and how to embrace your ancient way of being.

Day 1: What is a Priestess? 

This first day we will explore what 'Priestess' means, the difference between Priestesses, Goddesses, Shamans, etc. How labels benefit, or do not (they have their purposes). We will begin to connect to the Priestess energy within with a short meditation as well.

Day 2: The Divine Feminine

On this day we will explore the difference of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, why it's important to be balanced, how to bring more of the Divine Feminine into our lives, what it all means and how to step into flow, ease and a more natural, easy way of being.

Day 3: The Full Moon Circle!

On day 3 we will explore Sacred Ceremony, why it's important, what it is, or what it may look like for individuals (why we can overthink it) and we will have the Full Moon Circle with a Journey that includes a releasing, a healing and a stepping into new energy.

Day 4: Connection to Self

Day 4 is all about connecting to yourself, who you REALLY are and your ancient ways of being. We will explore past lives, what they mean and why it benefits us to tap into that energy. We will discuss healing abilities and how they look different for different people based on past life experiences and skills. We will also explore the reason that being in the moment is important and how we bring them all together. 

This experience runs April 17th- 20th in a Facebook group created just for this. You will have access to the content in the group through May. This whole experience only costs $12.88! 

I am offering this at this price because it is so incredibly important to me to help you all understand what Priestess energy is at a deeper level and to provide meditations, healings and even a Moon Circle so you can have an opportunity to connect with it. I want this accessible to everyone who has an interest. 

BONUS: I will be back on the 24th to channel and answer questions. AND I will have some other surprises I will announce at a later date (including a special giveaway!). 

Are you ready to join us?


I have been working with Lalantia for many years now. It all started with a reading and evolved into working with her on many levels. I have had the privilege of not only being a VIP client I have continued to work with her in workshops, journeys, Moon circles and more. 
Lalantia has the ability to help transport you to the time and place for you to get the information you need to live your best life. 
Some of the things I truly admire about her is her integrity, compassion and her desire to see you succeed in your life by standing in your personal power. 
I highly recommend Lalantia if your wondering if you’re meant to work with her on a deeper level reach out to her and she will be honest with you.

-  Denise Russell

I just had a session with Candace/Lalantia!!! I am over the moon with love and delight!!! Candace/Lalantia was able to connect me w my lovely 🧚‍♀️, who is ever present and around. My Unicorn 🦄 - she is on call when my heart needs healing, my mermaid , who wants me to be near water and journal. And.... A guide who is able to connect to the Akashic records , who wants me to call on him when I am working/ coaching/ doing healing work w others. I know my animal guide and I am so excited to fill my planters for a nesting place for my fairy 🧚‍♀️ !!!! If you haven’t had the pleasure working one on one w Candace/ Lalantia, you are missing something magically magnificent! I highly recommend you sign up, NOW!! TY Candace/Lalantia xo- Joan Tomlin🧚‍♀️🦄🦉💖😇❤️😘💫

I had two healing sessions with Lalantia and were out of this world, mind blowing, and life changing. The beings of light whom I connected offered so much healing and clarity and the exact messages that I needed. It truly is an amazing experience that is worth to have at least once in this lifetime. I love to have it once a week. The insights that you get from this sessions are extraordinary. Thank you! 

- Carmen

I sit here reflecting back over my journals, as i go back just 5 short months how my entries were different. Lack, Fear, Ego, Other peoples beliefs and Society's problems were a regular theme.

Let me share the start of yesterdays entry...
I know who I am...
I am aligning with my purpose...
I love you...

I wanted to share this, I feel it's very important, as 6 months ago I was battling PTSD and anxiety from a violent ex partner. I did not want to be here anymore, and then my beautiful friend Kimberly, tagged me to Jacqueline Jones-Hopper's page. I looked around for a little bit, but was still not ready to let go.

I then jumped on one day to catch this lady talking about fairies and dragons with Jackie and was instantly attracted! It all happened how I was meant to. Lalantia Makana, to work with you has been truly inspiring, you have helped and supported me to find and own my truths, to be able to work through fear lack ego and more. More importantly you helped me to connect with my higher power, source and my guides!! I had the pleasure of joining Lalantia in her programme Awaken the Magic within, in this programme it literally saved my life, well I did lol, but it defiantly got my ball rolling. 6 weeks of awesomeness with Lalantia on tap! And OMG Lalantias Journeys people! AMAZEBALLS! I was also able to join the Art of Allowing with Jackie and Lalantia, and wow, the collective power people!

Being able to work with not only these beautiful ladies but all their guides and magical bEings, but also the other people in the group it has been extremely humbling. Humbling to know that I am not the only one going through struggle, Sorceress Circle and Growing with the Angels have been amazing safe and supportive places to share grow and learn together as a collective.

I am not saying by any means that I am healed and will be happy forever lol, even as I write this I am triggered and feeling annoyed at something, but with Lalantia's tools I have been able to put to use what works for me, and I use it every morning now. Lets face it, we all chose to come to earth and experience life, so we owe it to ourselves to learn, grow and heal as a collective for ourselves and our world!

I am very blessed to be working with Lalantia Makana, and Jacqueline Jones-Hopper, and you will too, Invest with them whenever you can! I know I will be! 🙏🧜‍♀️🧚‍♀️🦄🐉🐲 - Shanelle


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