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Journey through the Lost Lands

A Healing Exploration of Avalon, Lemuria & Atlantis

Have you felt drawn to
Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon?


Have you felt an urge to understand and connect with more of the Magical energy of your past where you lived in alignment with your true self and greater purposes?

Do you have memories, feelings or a
knowing within you that you lived in one
or all of these times and you feel an urge
to connect more deeply?

In Lemuria we lived in alignment with our true selves, in harmony and balance with the Earth and all upon it and we lived our purposes each day. We had balance and we had connection to our gifts. We also had a true connection and understanding of our own energy bodies.

In Atlantis we worked with advanced technology to deepen our abilities to make a greater impact. We worked closely with Dragons, Unicorns, MerBeings, Faeries and more. We had a deep connection to many Star races and worked with them for the greater good of humanity... until we didn’t. When Atlantis became corrupt we experienced many devastating and traumatic events. Experimentation that brought intense trauma upon many. When Atlantis fell we experienced more trauma in the event, whether it was a death or moving to a new life.

Avalon was a peaceful land where many went for safety. It was a sisterhood, a connection of coming together to work together. It is a sacred land and deeply connected to the Mother (Gaia) and the Goddess energy. We worked with the Moon Cycles. We had a connection with plant medicine, with the crystals and with the sacredness of the Earth. We worked with bees and flowers and nurtured and cared for the land as if she truly was our mother. Avalon was filled with an assortment of Beings, and the Priestesses held the space sacred and honored.

Through the time of these Lost Lands thousands of years passed. We lived in other forms in many of these lives (many did anyway) and we experienced things life very different from now.

You are being called to heal the trauma of these lifetimes so you can embody your true self, your skills and abilities.

You are being called to REmember so you can bring forward your powerful abilities as a healer, energy worker, psychic, teacher, Shaman, Priestess, Sorceress... whatever labels you choose that is YOU. Because you are POWERFUL. And it’s time to bring that into this world.

The world NEEDS you!


This program is 8 weeks long and is a group program. It starts August 5th. We meet each week on Zoom for approximately 60 minutes. The calls will be available for replay and you do not need to attend live. It is $797 for the full program.

In this program we will be journeying to each of the Lost Lands (multiple times to each), healing, activating and connecting with guides. Each week we will meet and I will channel the journey, the healing, the activations and the guides coming in as well as any teachings that are needed and answering questions.

You will connect with a guide from each place- meaning you will connect with three new guides, each one assisting you in the energy of that time/place. They will help you to heal, remember who you are, open your abilities and access your gifts. They will be assisting you in standing in your power and purposes for this lifetime.

You will be exploring Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon in Journeys and I will lead the way for the experience, helping you to understand the energy and what it means as well as helping to heal any trauma connected to those times.

There will be some level of healing each week, but sometimes the focus may be more on codes and energies that are important to bring forward to work with today. This means your powerful abilities that are ready to be used in practice today. This is also connecting to ancient crystals and accessing the energy ready to be brought into today’s world.

The Beings:

In Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon humans were not the only form. Even that wasn’t exactly accurate, we were Lemurian, Atlantean and Avalonian. We looked different. But we were often other Beings. Meaning you may have memories or connections to being a MerBeing, a Faerie or many other types of Beings. You may have been a shapeshifter who shifted into an animal or Magical Being. We will be working closely with the energy that comes forward and will depend on who is participating. It is likely that those drawn to this have a connection and the energy of this connection will drive the direction.

  • Help you find a deeper connection to your true self and who you really are. You did incredible things in these lifetimes that you are ready to remember.

  • Activate you. As you connect to these energies you will begin to feel activations through your body. Some will be less obvious and will come over time. Some may be very jarring and hugely awakening to your true self.

  • Open, activate and understand your abilities. Everyone has abilities. But you have conditioning and trauma that keeps you from fully opening them because you are afraid. You may have done bad things with your abilities, or you saw bad things happen to others. You may have low self worth. In this we will be diving into this so your abilities can begin to open further. This is a DNA activation as well. (Series of them through the entire thing.)

  • Connection to pieces of yourself. Through these journeys you will collect pieces of who you really truly are. It’s likely you’ll be having soul integrations through this and I will be available to assist in this energy.

  • Connect you to guides of the highest good to help you carry this energy forward. These guides coming in will be to continue to assist you in your work.

  • Help you step into your purposes. As you connect and remember you will begin to have pieces fall into place regarding your purposes. When we finish you should have more understanding of how you can show up in this world and make a greater impact in a way aligned with YOU.

  • This will help heal the trauma that is keeping you from showing up, from connecting to yourself and your divine missions.

This program is to:

We, as a collective, carry a lot of pain and trauma from Atlantis and the corruption and experimentation that occurred there. This is playing out still, to this day, and it’s important that we heal this trauma.

In this program not only will you be healing your own trauma, you’ll be assisting the collective trauma to be healed and learning how YOU can show up to help with this process in a way aligned with YOU.

This 8 week program is available for $797.

We start August 5th, 2020

You will receive each week's teachings, journeys and healings as well as access to me for additional support (I will be available after the calls to help individuals if you need more assistance or help understanding your experiences).

You will have the recordings so you can replay, which means you will be able to do additional journeys for deepening the work and the experience.

Are you ready to dive in?

Enrollment closed. Stay tuned for the next time it runs!


Payment Plans

Pay in 2 payments of $425 (four weeks apart)
Pay in 3 payments of $280 (two weeks apart)