What Are Mermaids?

What are Mermaids? What a silly question, right?

The thing is, of course everyone knows Mermaids are those beautiful women who are half woman, half fish.

And you may be thinking that they aren't real... but if you think that you may in the wrong place as they are 100% real!

Now, if you are curious to learn more, here's a small bit about them.

Mermaids are the females and Mermen are the males. Yes, there are males!

They live in ALL bodies of water and work to clean all water sources as it's extremely important to them to help clean up Mother Earth, and protect her.

They are self confident, powerful, divine and sensual.

The LOVE to sing and fully embrace their truth and who they are.

They are more aware of the reality of what really is, than we do - as humans. They have access to more information more freely (meaning they are more within the Spiritual World than we are- most of the time).

We don't (usually) see them with our physical eyes as they are in an in-between space. Just a bit above our own vibration. But they can show themselves to us if they choose (which they rarely do).

They can also exist in other Realms and on other planets. That's a story (or 10) for another day...

And they want to work with us. Yep, you read that right, they want to work with us. In some cases they are even our Spirit Guides!

But why?!

Because we are here right now to make a difference in the world. To create and bring change. And by us working together we can do that more efficiently.

They want to help you create that bigger impact.

So I urge you to take a moment and think about this. Have you always loved Mermaids? Do you have a curiosity and want to learn more? These feelings you have are for a reason and I urge you to look deeper into that.

Stay tuned as I plan to write about How to Connect with Mermaids and How They Will Help Us, and Us, Them.

In the meantime, join my Facebook group Sorceress' Circle as I talk even more about them there!

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