Deepening Our Connection to the Earth with the Faeries

Did you know that you can deepen your connection to the Earth by working with the Faeries?

The Faeries care for the plants, the soil, the water, the air. They are all around us in nature, working hard to keep Earth clean and clear of pollutants. Obviously it's at a very bad space now and they need as much help as they can get.

We need as much help as we can get.

And working together we can make a bigger difference, a bigger impact.

Faeries understand things differently than us. They've been here a very long time and they have a much longer memory than us! They remember when the Earth wasn't full of pollutants. They remember when it was important to humans to protect and care for the Earth.

But the humans... we forgot.

Now the situation has gotten so bad that we must bring change and we are beginning to stand up to people, corporations and ways of living in the past that now must shift.

We build that connection with Earth and the Faeries when we take time to pick up trash as we walk through a park or across a parking lot, or when we plant trees and flowers.

There are so very many ways to build this connection!

But some ways we forget are some very simple ones. Like sitting and BEING in nature. Sending love to the Earth. Feeling the breeze in the air. Hearing the birds sing. Allowing that beauty to fully penetrate our rough exterior and reach us at a deeper level.

When we allow this time to occur we are actually deepening our connection to us as well!

And the Faeries, they love this! They believe that it is incredibly important to make time for this connection daily. They want us to smell the flowers. To notice the faces on the trees and hear the birds in the distance.

And when we do this they are right there with us, allowing us to deepen this connection to where we recognize what WE are here to do. What we are meant to do to bring change to the world. To make an IMPACT that matters to us and to the world!

While yes, this is not all that's needed to bring the massive shift needed (and occurring) it is what stirs within us that deep desire to make this change happen and create a massive impact.

What can you do today to deepen your connection with the Earth and the Faeries? Can you take some time to connect in nature?

If you live in the Portland Oregon area I will be going much deeper into this on May 20th. I'm teaching a working on Connecting with the Faeries: Deepen Your Connection to the Natural World and Discover Your Greater Purpose. It's only $25 to join us. If interested you can check out the page with all the details.

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