Communicating with Faeries & Elementals

Faeries and Elementals

So, you want to see and hear Faeries & Elementals?

I so often hear the same thing from people. They want to see and hear Faeries and Elementals and don't always understand that it often doesn't work that way. So I wanted to talk a bit about that and how you may best communicate with them.

First of all, can people physically see and hear Faeries and Elementals? Sometimes, yes. Does it happen often? No.

Sometimes this is due to conditioning and even subconscious fears and once that is healed you may be able to see and hear them.

Often they are just shy and choose not to show themselves. This is common and once you develop a connection and relationship with them they may show themselves. This happens if you happen to visit the same place regularly and you communicate with them and trust they are listening.

Then there are the times when you may have the ability to see and hear physically but in this lifetime you have to learn to trust in your other abilities first and once you trust, and believe, then you may begin to see them.

There are people that see them their whole life but don't feel jealous about that, because there aren't many!

Now there are many cases where you simply aren't meant to physically see and hear them. And this can be due to many different things. Perhaps it will distract from what you are truly meant to do in this lifetime. Or maybe you have to ties to heal with them before they'll show themselves (possibly in another life).

But don't despair! Just because you don't physically see or hear them doesn't mean you can't receive information from them.

You may be able to see them in your minds eye. Yes, this can feel like your imagination but that's where you are being taught to trust.

You can also hear them within your head (telepathically) or through a feeling or knowing. You may be able to channel them through writing.

So really, physically seeing and hearing isn't that necessary! There are so many other ways to connect.

When I step into nature I greet them in my head. I open myself up to them and receiving any information from them. I begin to sense them, or feel them around me and while I'm not seeing them physically I am aware of their presence around me.

I can look at a hillside of greenery and pinpoint where a Gnome may be standing or where a nature spirit is watching me.

All of this takes TRUST. And PRACTICE.

In another post I will write up some ways in which you can connect with them to earn their trust and develop a connection more deeply.

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Many Blessings,


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