The Lalantia Show: Working with Selenite

As a crystal healer I work with crystals regularly in my healing practice and I have recently been shown the importance of sharing more about working with crystals energetically as well. So I decided to do an episode of The Lalantia Show sharing more about this and speaking about working with Selenite.

Selenite was the first crystal I physically felt vibrate. It's also the crystal that helped heal my dad after a very bad accident.

One thing it is well known for is it's clearing abilities and is used for clearing our own energy and aura, as well as our home and other crystals too!

Selenite is one I do recommend having a physical crystal because the multiple uses and powerful energy of clearing it has. It's also fantastic for our Higher Self, guide and Angel connection.

In this video I talk more about the crystal as well do a little healing with it for those who watch. (I apologize for the background noise, my daughter walked in just as I started it and wasn't quiet, as I had asked her to be.)

One thing I didn't mention in the video is that selenite can be used for cutting (energetic) cords. When I use selenite in this manner I always use the energetic form of it as it's more powerful.

If you have any questions, please reach out!

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