What is your soul song?

What is your soul song?

I have been channeling with the Mermaids every day the past couple weeks and one thing they've reminded me of a few times is our soul song.

Mermaids sing unabashedly, freely, with no restrictions or fears. They let the song flow out with ease and no fear of judgement. They are confident in themselves and don't hold back like we do.

I asked them to describe what our soul song really is, and this is what they had to say:

"Your soul song is that presence of you. That pure essence of who you are and it's presented as a sound that flows forth freely. It's allowing yourself to express who you are through your voice with no holding back. With no fears of judgement, no worries of how it sounds or how it comes out but just allowing it to flow freely.

You reach from your sacral chakra, allowing it to come flow up, and out your vocal cords.

It can be sung with words, or it can be sounds that come forth from your throat."

They remind us that we have layers of fears and beliefs that have covered, hidden, those parts of us that are truly who we are.

While working through these fears and beliefs, releasing shame and judgement and stepping into your power is extremely important, they do remind us that we can begin to bring it forth by expressing ourselves freely.

Do this by singing in the car, allowing sound to flow out without holding judgment of how it sounds. Allowing yourself to be and express yourself fully without hindrance.

This is more difficult than it may sound for some, though for others this may be a simple task. For others it may strike a deep fear just thinking of doing it at all.

I channeled the Mermaids today as I drove home and allowed them to come through my voice and they did so in song, flowing out with beautiful words as they reminded me of my own power and how I am emerging from my own shell and stepping up into the world and my purpose. It was incredibly powerful singing in this way. Letting them create the song as we went and it felt very easy. I was marveling at the beauty of it and it was ME singing! I normally would feel self conscious or a little strange doing this. But I did not this time. It felt amazing.

Remember that your song does not have to have words. You can let it out through noises in your throat that may not be beautiful at all. Find what you feel called to do, and don't try to make it how you want it to be, but how it feels most natural. Experiment.

In June we're working with Mermaids in my membership group Magical Connections. I'm excited to see what they bring and the growth people experience in there. If you'd like to find out more about this group, and possibly join us, CLICK HERE.

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