Are you feeling lost?

Do you feel lack of purpose?

Do you feel all alone on this Journey?

Do you feel in your bones you are meant to do bigger things but feel like you don't know where to start? 

A session with me may bring that clarity that you are looking for. That guidance that will allow you to truly connect within and see who you are. Or who you desire to be. 

​Congratulations for stepping up and taking action to create change in your life. When you are disconnected with who you are a few tweaks and some healing can make a major difference in getting you back on track. As a Psychic Realm Channeler and Healer I have the ability to bring through guidance, healing and support from other Realms. As a Seer I have the ability to see what is your highest potential and read the energy around you.


I can see the impact you can make in the world. 


You are here for a reason and it's not to live life on default, just doing what has to be done to survive each day. 

You are meant to live a happy and joyful life despite the difficulties you encounter. I can help you identify these things that are keeping you stuck. I can help you move through the lower energies to reach your higher potential.  


Whether you are a single mom looking for the 'greater purpose' and direction, an empty nester, or someone who has worked corporate for years, I can help you identify what it is you are missing in life so you can live life happy and on purpose. 

My greatest joy is when I'm able to work with clients to EMPOWER them to step fully into their authentic self and rediscover their greater purpose and joy in life. I love to help you so you know how to best care for YOU moving forward. 

In our session together we can work to heal any trauma in your life that is keeping you from living a happy and aligned life. 

Every session looks different, depending on your personal journey and struggles at the time. 

I make each session comfortable for you, so you don't have to worry about doing anything but allowing the guidance and healing to flow. 

Channeling/Psychic guidance


Chakra Balancing

Crystal Healing 



Spirit Guide Connection

Connection with Magical Guides


Shamanic Journey

Past Life Journey

Past Life Healing 

Past Life Regression

Inner Child Healing/ Magical Journey

Soul Integration 

Vortex Healing 

and more...  

I have a Healy (frequency device) and now offer Healy sessions! 

What a Session can consist of:

This session is conducted on zoom (like skype)

A 60 minute session is $295

Now on sale at $197!

I now offer 30 minute HEALING SESSIONS!


This Magical Healing Session is to help you bring a massive shift to your energy and to your life. In these 30 minutes we will do a healing with a Guide or Spirit Animal stepping forward for you. Whoever is most beneficial for you and the energy you are currently in. If you have a request it's likely that Being that is coming forth. 


Have you always wanted to do heart healing with the Unicorns? Maybe you've had a deep connection to the Mermaids? Or perhaps you've been feeling the support of Lion? There are many incredible Beings here to help you in your healing, growth and expansion. 


I will hold space to facilitate this healing, channeling as I go. Bringing through any guidance as it's brought to my awareness. Any remaining time will be to bring additional clarity and understanding around your experience. 

This is conducted on zoom and you have
access to the replay immediately.

This is $150

Get the most out of working with me and buy the bundle of three! 

With this you have the ability to receive much deeper healing, guidance and support as we are able to provide a structure to build upon. Meaning you have support as you work through deeper issues that are ready to be released. 

This is a great option if you are feeling stuck and need a boost to get out of that space and rediscover the path as it is before you. 

I am able to go much deeper when I know that I will see you the following week to continue the work! 

You can also choose to spread this out further, so it's not week by week, but every other week or once a month for three months. 

Save by getting the bundle deal! 

$797 for 3 sessions (60 minutes each)

Now on sale for $555!




I'm so happy to have come across Candace! I've been following her for a bit as I started learning about my gifts and what I needed to help grow them. One thing I was told was to be less in my head and more in my heart and as I was trying to figure it out Candace offered her Unicorn Heart Healing. I knew this was just what I needed . Candace is a really sweet, caring individual who listens and works for your highest good. After our session I left feeling in the right place, joy was in my heart and I could feel it. Now whenever I think or speak, I can feel my heart engaged and my head gives my heart space. Can't thank you enough Candace!!!!

(Note that Candace is Lalantia.)


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