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Are you feeling lost?

Do you feel lack of purpose?

Do you feel all alone on this Journey?

Do you feel in your bones you are meant to do bigger things but feel like you don't know where to start? 

A session with me may bring that clarity that you are looking for. That guidance that will allow you to truly connect within and see who you are. Or who you desire to be. 

​Congratulations for stepping up and taking action to create change in your life. When you are disconnected with who you are a few tweaks and some healing can make a major difference in getting you back on track. As a Psychic Realm Channeler and Healer I have the ability to bring through guidance, healing and support from other Realms. As a Seer I have the ability to see what is your highest potential and read the energy around you.


I can see the impact you can make in the world. 


You are here for a reason and it's not to live life on default, just doing what has to be done to survive each day. 

You can live a happy and joyful life despite the difficulties you encounter. I can help you identify these things that are keeping you stuck. I can help you move through the lower energies to reach your higher potential.  

All sessions are listed below. If you are unsure of what is right for you, please email me at returntoavalonhealing(at)gmail(dot)com.

Sessions are done on zoom and recorded for you to have forever.

Channeling/Psychic Guidance

This channeling session can be introducing you to your guides that are coming forward at the time, I can also answer questions and channel whatever you need most. This is what you would select if you want to see what Magical Guides are stepping forward for you. 

Past Life Session

This is a 60 minute session where I channel your past lives. Each session is different and what you need. Sometimes we journey. Sometimes it's more of a regression. These include healings, as guided. 


Healing Session

This is not a healing journey, but is channeled. It can include the Merlin Vortex Wheel healing, healing with crystal essences, light colors, guides of all kinds and more. My healing style is to tune into the body, identify where the energy disharmony is, and then see what guides/energy is coming forward. I then begin the process of releasing the stuck energy. 

Shamanic Journey

A Shamanic Journey is where I hold the space, call in the energy and guide you through what is needed. This can be for healing something specific, receiving information, connecting with guides in a sacred space, receiving activations or attunements or for traveling to other lifetimes. This is also for soul integration/soul retrieval and past life healing.


I can conduct this in two ways, one is me doing the journey for you and relating what is happening and you just simply ‘receiving’, or I hold the space, guide and help you receive the information (but you retrieve it yourself). It all depends on how comfortable you are. We can assess this at the time and can do a combination, if needed. 

1:1 Session (any of the above)

60 minutes for $150



Recorded 30-40 minute healing session (sent within 4 days) $97

(This is sent through dropbox after it’s recorded. It’s channeled as I go and is always whatever is most needed, though specific requests can be made.)


Recorded Channeling Session

This is an audio recording of a channeling. A message from guides/Universal energy that is for the highest and best good. This is recorded for you to listen to at your leisure. This is about 30 minutes long. 


Personal Meditation

I am now offering recorded meditations that are channeled specifically for you. These are around 30-40 minutes. It can be to help you connect with guides, to understand a situation in your life, or to receive specific information. You can put in a request as well. 

These are not ‘professional’ in that there’s no calming music. My dogs may make noises and there could be noises from people outside. These meditations ARE powerful, the energy is present and amazing. But don’t expect this beautiful meditation with gorgeous music. I may play singing bowls or ring bells, but otherwise the power is in the experience and the energy coming forward. 



Merlin Vortex Wheel Activation

This is to activate the Merlin Vortex Wheel that is located in your chest. This is not for everyone. Not everyone has one. But if Merlin is showing up for you, if you are developing a connection with him and the guidance is that your Vortex Wheel is ready to be activated, message me. Please message before scheduling to ensure this is the right step for you. 


If you already have a connection with Merlin and channel him clearly one session may be sufficient for this. If you have yet to connect with him or are unsure about your connection you may need 3-6 sessions. Once you contact me we can discuss. 


One session is $150

Three sessions is $360

(6 more more sessions, see Activate Your Divine Essence mentorship- price lowers further with this option)

Email at returntoavalonhealing(at)gmail(dot)com

Recorded Journeys, Meditations and Healings are all on Podia and available for purchase immediately!




All services offered are not to replace seeing or talking to a medical

doctor. I am not a medical representative and all services are

for entertainment and are not to replace any other form of therapy. 

I am not responsible for your health or well-being. 

Refunds are not guaranteed for any session.



I'm so happy to have come across Candace! I've been following her for a bit as I started learning about my gifts and what I needed to help grow them. One thing I was told was to be less in my head and more in my heart and as I was trying to figure it out Candace offered her Unicorn Heart Healing. I knew this was just what I needed . Candace is a really sweet, caring individual who listens and works for your highest good. After our session I left feeling in the right place, joy was in my heart and I could feel it. Now whenever I think or speak, I can feel my heart engaged and my head gives my heart space. Can't thank you enough Candace!!!!

(Note that Candace is Lalantia.)