Katie (my wife) and I now offer 1:1 past life healings TOGETHER! 


You know what this means? You get TWO psychics and healers! 


TWO people to read the energy and fill in the blanks. And I’ll tell you, we’re AMAZING at this together! 


Past life healings can help bring clarity to this life and why certain people keep coming into your life, why you repeat patterns, why you have particular fears and so much more. 


Past life trauma can show up in your life now keeping you from speaking your truth, standing in your power, living authentically, etc. 


You’ve also lived past lives in your power, living authentically, expressing yourself clearly, and living in alignment with your soul. 


You’ve had likely thousands of lifetimes on Earth from Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon, ancient Egyptian, the Middle East, Europe, South America, etc. 


You’ve also likely had thousands of lifetimes on other planets and other realms, being other Beings entirely! 


Many of our past life healings have brought us to past lives as a Faery, MerBeing, Dragon even! As well as other Galactic beings, of course. Our clients are surprised over and over again at what comes forward in these sessions. 


And a specialty of ours is healing traumas from Atlantis- especially those who were experimented on or tortured. 


It’s time beloved to release these old wounds and embody your Divine TRUE self. Beyond the fears, traumas, limiting beliefs, etc. It’s time to SEE and FEEL your empowered authentic self. 


In these sessions we clear the traumas and do soul retrievals and soul integrations. We bring in your most empowered authentic self and with help from your Higher Self help you hold that frequency.  


Katie and I only offer a few sessions a month for this offering and for our November sessions we’re offering this for $197, soon to go up to $333. We have 4 openings in November at this price! If you feel called, jump on it!