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Revisiting the Shadows

1:1 Full Immersion Program

You are gifted with this opportunity to lead the way for change and transformation on Earth as we move into a new age and a new way of being. As Earth, and we, as humans, go through this transformation, much worry, fear and despair begins to rise. This comes to the surface to be released. You hold the ability to clear this for yourself, and therefore, for the collective.

You are a leader, a wayshower. You are a teacher, a guide, a healer. And you are ready to see your shadows and instead of them being your struggle, your fight, you make them your power, your strength.

Odin has presented himself for a full immersion program through the magic and power of the World Tree, the spirit of Ash Tree, your Ancestors and Beings of Faery. ​

Odin​ has said it’s time to drop the stories of the past and step into a powerful new future - rejuvenated and renewed. It is time for a rebirth. It is time for you to see clearly and own your power, no longer allowing the stories of your past to keep you small, contained and immobile.

You are needed, and your painful experiences are not your weakness, they are your strengths.


Revisiting the Shadows 1:1 is a six week immersion program that is to allow for a transformation while being supported and guided through the World Tree.

With the assistance of your ancestors who stand by your side, as well as many Beings of Faery (who may also be Ancestors) you will begin to understand more clearly who you are and who you choose to become. ​


It is time to revisit the shadows to reveal the truth. Traveling through your darkest times to see the beauty of the light that exists within you.

​You have been through many trials, you have faced many difficult times. As a child you may have experienced some painful lessons, loneliness and heavy trauma. All of these experiences can be turned into your strengths, bringing a greater understanding within you and allowing you to see more clearly the path that is yours.

In this program, leading the way, is the god Odin. He is the god of wisdom, poetry, death, divination and magic. He has come forth in a loving and powerful energy, and is prepared to hold space to allow you to step into the magic he is presenting. ​

A magic in which you can untie the knots of your past to create the future you desire.

​Also assisting is the spirit of Ash Tree which is thought to hold the key to Universal knowledge and wisdom through its seeds. It’s also known as the tree of rebirth. It has many stories associated with it and its powerful healing properties.

​The World Tree is a huge and powerful energy presenting itself for releasing the trauma and stories of the past, like the shedding of leaves- letting go of what is finished, completed. Finishing a cycle to be ready and able to step into the new. Through these weeks together we will be visiting the World Tree each week, working your way through the maze to allow you to see this greater picture that is meant to unfold before you.

Ash Tree, and the World Tree, connect the past, present and future. In this supportive energy you will be able to see how the past has shaped you, release the stories that no longer serve you, and step into your new way of being, and your future self. This experience will walk you through all significant periods throughout your lifetime to recognize the trauma, pain,

struggle, hurt, shame and more so you can release it. The Journeys you will be led on will allow you to experience whatever it is you need to move forward.


Your ancestors are present with you through this experience. Guiding you, supporting you and reminding you of your significance and the wisdom you hold. Your ancestors may be from this life or past lives. Including lifetimes in other realms and planets. Your connection with your ancestors strikes a remembrance and understanding that will assist you in moving forward living a purposeful life. Those of Faery are also assisting through this energy, much in the same energy - and likely as ancestors of yours.

You will also be gifted a beautiful staff from the Ash Tree that will guide you on your path forward.

(This is an energetic gift, not a physical - though it may come to in a physical way if you remain open to the possibility and aware of the opportunities. If you already received one you will not receive another.)

This six week 1:1 program will provide teaching, healing and powerful journey’s through the World Tree. This is a unique experience, not many are invited to this sacred space but Odin has expressed his desire and intention, to lead you through this time of transformation.

It is important to allow the past stories to fall away to allow the new to take root. You are NOT your past and it is in your power to allow those experiences to no longer define you.

  • Take back your power from the fear developed from stories through your past. ​And rewrite your stories.

  • Identify why you have held yourself back (because of experiences in your past). ​And how you choose to move forward without the limitations.

  • See where your fears are controlling you. ​And take back that power.

  • Understand why you feel what you feel (example: lack of worthiness- perhaps as a teen you didn’t feel accepted as your true self). ​And turn it into your power, your strength.

  • See and connect with your future self.

  • Identify and begin embodying the energy you choose to step into.

  • Connect to your ancestors and their ancient wisdom and guidance. ​This can be ancestors from this life and past lives, including ones from other planets and other realms, including Faeries.

  • Connect to the sacred World Tree.

  • Receive a staff made of Ash Tree to help guide you forward. (If you have not received one already.)

  • Connect with Odin.

  • Visit past lives that are affecting you today (if needed) to clear energy and stories that are no longer your truth.

To summarize, through this program you will:

This is a 6 week 1:1 program. We will meet for 60 minutes each week for a zoom call which is recorded and you receive a replay you can keep forever.

This magical and transformational experience is $1327
(save $339!) and you get six weeks of guidance,
healing and support to allow this shift to occur.

Are you ready to c​onnect with
Odin, the World Tree, Ash Tree Spirit
and your own Ancestors?

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