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Reclaim the power and the ability
to create who you truly desire to be

You are the only one who has control over
who you are and how you live in this world. 


As we look around the world around us we can easily identify what we
believe doesn’t work and needs to change. We know that Gaia needs our
help and how we live on Earth has to change.



We have a responsibility as a human
on Earth right now. You chose to incarnate
at this time for a reason and it’s time to
realize that this change starts with YOU.



You must recognize that you have the power to create who you WANT to be. And in creating that you create change. When you stand as your best self you impact the world with your light, your power and your greater purpose.

Yes, there is a part of you that is you already. That YOU that holds lifetimes of wisdom and experiences. But this lifetime is different. This lifetime you are conditioned and you are reflecting the world around you.
This isn’t you. But what IS?


The truth is, you have the power, the ability
and the right to CREATE who you desire to be.


When this is combined with that true essence of who you already are (underneath the conditioning, fears, etc) you create the best version of yourself.


It's time to ReCreate YOU so you
can become the change the world needs.


Tearing down the old to create the new.
Time to lay new foundations for this new world and way of being!


This powerful workshop consists of several elements that will help you understand who you want to be, see how you can create that and give you action steps to show up each day to build it.

  • Sheehan is a Leprechaun who is all about showing you how to really dream big and will help you access and see these dreams. He has a playful energy that is all about seeing your fullest potential and magic of you, who you are inside and who you can choose to be, and create for yourself.


  • Faeries are coming forward that are all about the lightness and joy aspect of manifesting. Really bringing in the light and fun energy. They also help to identify what is no longer in alignment and will help to remove those webs of illusion (fears, limiting beliefs, conditioning).


  • Stan is one of the Dragons that is coming forward most strongly and he’s a very fun Dragon with a mischievous personality. Despite that lighter energy he brings in, he has a very powerful ability to transmute energy so he’s going to be helping with changing your beliefs to create the best version of yourself.

We have other Beings also supporting the energy and prepared to step in. This includes Mermaids, ready to help you see your worthiness and power you hold as well as Unicorns to open your heart to the Magic you hold within you.

In this workshop we have
some very Magical guides

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Butterfly 1.png

We have other Beings also supporting the energy and prepared to step in. This includes Mermaids, ready to help you see your worthiness and power you hold as well as Unicorns to open your heart to the Magic you hold within you.


While yes, this is very much about Re-creating you, it is also about really seeing that bigger picture for yourself. To see your dream home, your dream job/business, your dream life and to begin to understand how you can really show up to manifest it and make it a part of your reality.


This workshop is all about really SEEING, BUILDING, CREATING this bigger picture for yourself. How can you manifest something if you don’t know what you really want? How do you know what you align with, or what you WANT to align with? 


In these 6  days we will begin to really dig in and see what you want your life to look like. It’s time to get out of this cycle and bring in some really big, bold and powerful change!

  • We will be identifying what isn’t you. What are things in your life that do NOT feel good and exciting? It’s time to see what they are! This is stripping things back and getting clear on what ISN’T your path forward. 

  • We’ll be doing a powerful releasing, clearing and healing ritual.

  • To replace those things you are changing, what do you want to feel and experience? It’s time to begin to create CHANGE! How are you feeling called to step up? What feels good to you in your heart? This is laying the foundations of the new beliefs, new feelings,  new life. This is about thinking outside the box to allow yourself to think BIG of what feels AMAZING for YOU! We'll do some energy work to help you see and feel that vision. 

  • What can you do to bring this change? We will begin to bring in action steps. Through journaling techniques, creativity and intention setting we will set you up with those action steps you can take to really cement this new vision. (Journal and audio recording device recommended.)

  • We will do a powerful manifestation ritual with meditation to connect to the energy and power of what you are creating. We will really amplify the energy to help you hold this new energy.

What we will be doing:

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This workshop is 6 days and only $17.97. Are you looking for a powerful transformation and action steps to bring it? Join us! 


We start July 9th and it runs through the 16th.
(We’ll break over the weekend to return Monday.)


This workshop will be run in a Facebook group where I will do live videos each day for the teachings, meditations and healings. 

Are you ready to join us?

It's only $17.97 for 6 Days!