Are you ready to reclaim
and own your power, your
uniqueness, and your own magic?

What would you say you if I told you can do this by exploring the magical realms and connecting more deeply with your true self?

This is about exploring the magic of yourself by seeing the greatness that exists within these realms. This is finding that voice and magic that is needed to step up and into your purpose and seeing that you are an incredibly powerful and unique soul.

This is about seeing you are not 'just another person', this is truly experiencing the magic that exists within by exploring these places, receiving messages, healings, activations and more.

It is time to transform. To release the fears, limitations and conditioning. This is to see that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are POWERFUL. And you are ready to embrace YOU and who you want to be.

  • Do you struggle to see the wisdom and knowledge that you hold within you? 

  • Are you unable to see the vision who you really want to be? 

  • Do you have fears, societal conditioning and limiting beliefs that keep you from moving forward and seeing your own power and truth? 

Are you ready to explore the truth of who you really, truly are? The YOU that is hidden beneath the conditioning and fears?

Reclaim Your Magic is a 12 week group program where you have the opportunity to do deep healing and explore WHO YOU ARE through the Magical Realms. 

  • We'll be working with Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns, Faeries, Elves, Centaurs, Trees and more so you will begin to see the Magic that exists within YOU! 

  • We'll do journeys to the Magical Realms. 

  • You'll merge with your past life energies that are most relevant, connected and needed in this lifetime. 

  • We'll do a journey to connect with your Higher Self.

  • You'll be connecting to your soul through the entire program.

  • We'll do a past life journey.

  • There will be activations to bring forward ancient wisdom and knowledge.

  • We will work on your abilities to allow them to open and expand.

Did you know that you may have had lifetimes in other Realms? Do you feel more Faery or Mermaid? It may be because you had lifetimes in the
Magical Realms! 

What is stopping you from stepping into your authenticity? In this program you will discover what needs to be healed to allow you to move forward, either from this life or past lives. Your magical self is ready to emerge, are you ready to RECLAIM your magic? 

You are an incredible Being who deserves to live a fulfilling and JOYFUL life. To live your life on YOUR terms, not falling into the trap of what society says it should be. 

Your Soul and your Higher Self are present and eager to remind you of who you are and bring you, once again, into full alignment with the light of your own pure Magic, you authentic self. 

We begin October 21st and it’s 12 weeks long! ​

  • This group program is done through a series of methods - each week you’ll get a video at the beginning of the week with journaling prompts and any exercises you can do to prepare for the journey and healing.

  • On Thursday you’ll receive a video with a Journey and any healings for the week. 

  • On Friday we’ll meet on Zoom for me to answer any questions that have come up and do any additional healings if needed.

  • There will also be a private Facebook group so all participants are able to ask questions and also communicate with each other. 

  • Everyone receives THREE 1:1 sessions to use as you wish during the 12 weeks. 

Each week we are working with Magical Beings and will be doing Shamanic Journeys to different Realms. This will be deeply healing as they assist with different aspects of your emotions and expression of who you are. 

  • Mermaids are stepping forward to help with the exploration of your emotions and recognizing you are safe to express what you feel. This is to explore shame, regret, unworthiness, and more. They will help you see more of the power within yourself and recognize that you are an incredible Being.

  • Dragons are assisting with helping you access greater strength and power while also transmuting lower energies and vibrations that do not match the higher frequency you are striving for. They are helping you REMEMBER your greatness!

  • Faeries and Elementals will be helping you heal and step into your own magic through fun, joy, inner child healing and a deeper connection to the Earth which helps deepen that connection to self.

  • Unicorns are helping you ease any pain you hold in your heart and will help you see the true Magic you hold. They will help you cultivate self acceptance, self love and help you open your heart to receiving what is meant for you.

  • Centaurs are helping you connect to the Stars and your souls origin, wherever that may be. This is most often another planet and this will look different for each person. 
  • Elves are assisting in your connection to the Magic of the Earth, teaching you the hidden power that plants have to share with you and the world. 

  • Trees are helping you feel strong and grounded on Earth. Strengthening your roots so your connection is strong enough to channel information into the Earth from the Divine. As ancient, wise Beings, they will teach you how to access your own wisdom which will help you determine which burdens to release and which are needed for your greater purpose.  

The Beings:

These twelve weeks are going to catapult you forward
so you can access, understand, process and share your own authentic self at a much deeper and more profound level. 

Are you ready to commit?
Are you ready to change your life forever?!

For the first FIVE people ONLY this is only $1697 for TWELVE weeks of working with me!
PLUS three 1:1 sessions!

We start October 21st

The price goes to $2,297 after the first 5 people, so hurry to secure your spot at this price!

Payments Plans (over 3 Months)


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