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A membership group for Magical Connections to yourself, your wisdom, your guides, and to the infinite power of the Universe.

Dear beautiful soul, you came here, at this point in time, for a reason. We are birthing a New Earth. We are creating an entirely new way of being on this beautiful planet Earth. We are not meant to do it alone and community is imperative for the collective rising.

Realms of Empowerment is a community for a remembrance of the old ways. To honor the Earth, Gaia, the animals and all life. To create a world where we understand we are all one, where we love each other unconditionally and release judgment. Where we work together, supporting one another on this journey.

It’s also a community to connect to the wisdom of the stars. The ancients knew these connections and were open to communication and guidance. Our origins are not from this Earth, but are from star systems and realms beyond this one. We are being awakened and reminded to connect to our ancient wisdom, not just from our Earthly existences, but our Galactic existences and our experiences within other Realms.

Realms of Empowerment is connecting you to your roots. Your ancient skills, knowledge, and wisdom. To guides that are coming forward to assist you on this path.

This is a foundational support. A consistent guidance and healing center. Each week we are available to support you through your awakening, your journey.

Through Moon Circles, Past Life Journeys, connections to Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon as well as Realms and planets that we may not yet even know exist, we will be deepening into the wisdom and the energy needed to create the New Earth, and to the manifest it into the physical.

To create this New Earth the old must fall and it exists ​within​ us. The conditioning, the fears, the limiting beliefs. It’s lifetimes of energies that are not aligned with the New Ways. We will be working consistently together to more deeply align you with your truest self, your magnificence, and releasing that which is not.

With support of many Beings like Magical Guides, Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors, and Galactic Beings you will receive activations, healings, awakenings and guidance.

Every other week we will be channeling in the group for all the members, bringing through the messages you most need. The other weeks we will be doing Journeys/Meditations/Healings. We will be working with the Magical energy of the Moon, the astrological events that are significant as well as Magical seasonal energies (some ancient Pagan holidays, for example). Each month is channeled and will provide what is needed most for the group collectively. There are two channeling sessions and two Shamanic Journeys/Meditations/Healings each month (at least).

We were guided to create this safe space for soul work for people to gather, to have community and support on their journey. To have a foundational space for regular self care. A place to remind you and help you see the magnificence of your Being.

The importance of your authenticity and the
power of your own energy.

We are driven to help people OWN their light and stand in their power. Our intention is for you to have this space for continuous expansion into your truest self. Our belief is, as long as we are alive we are deepening our connection to who we really truly are.

We believe in empowering you so you can begin to see your strengths and can rise to meet your purposes and alignment in your life.

The energy exchange for this potent, powerful and supportive container is $97 a month. This is a membership group so you can cancel at any time. You will be automatically billed until you cancel it. If you don’t know how, you are welcome to message us.

This is held in a private Facebook group. We will be live each week within the group. The Moon Circles are held in a zoom call. The recording is posted after. 

This is hosted by Lalantia and Nathalie. Together we hold the space, channeling together, and holding the Moon Circles as guided. 

Journey Through the Chakras

Starting July 20th and for the next 4 months we are focusing on a journey through the chakras. Working with the Dragons we are exploring our beliefs and fears and deepening our connection to who we are. 

Each journey features one chakra, and entering into the chakra as a sacred room within your being. In this space you connect to the energy you hold there and explore what needs to go and what needs to build. You will treat each chakra as a temple and create an altar for it.


It's time to choose differently and let go of the old patterns. Finding your true power and honoring yourself and your own wisdom. 

In this your intuition will deepen, your abilities will begin to open further and you'll get more clear on your dreams and what you wish to create for yourself and your world. 

You will find more confidence and a greater understanding of self worth. You will choose to claim your purposes and move forward with a greater knowing brewing within. 

You are here to do GREAT things! 


Each Moon Circle still includes a gathering with a release and a healing. We will gather to raise energy to help build and deepen our own individual magick and each others.  We will still honor the Moon Cycles and magical energy that feels important. 

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