We all have gifts and abilities, there is not a person out there that doesn’t have some sort of gift.


Sometimes we just don’t know what our gifts may be and how we can access them and use them to benefit our lives.


Using our gifts and abilities allows us to come into alignment with our purpose and our truth. It allows us to tap into the energy we need to fulfill our purpose and live ON purpose and in joy.


Does any of the following apply to you?

   - Do you feel as if you are the only one who isn’t aware of what your gifts are?

   - Do you feel as if the gifts you have serve no purpose and you don’t know how to use them effectively?

   - Do you feel as if your abilities are unreliable and useless?


Do you wish to seek clarity, direction and support on what your gifts may be and how to use them?


I am so excited to announce Open to Your Divine Gifts, a new workshop starting February 7th.


In this 3 day workshop we will be going over:

   - What gifts and abilities are and what they might look like.

   - What gifts you may have.

   - How to recognize these gifts and begin to use them effectively.


We will also discuss:

   - The Higher Self connection

   - Releasing fears to open to your gifts

   - Why your gifts may be suppressed and how to release that

   - How your gifts benefit you and why you want to use them

   - How you may have gifts that you use all the time without realizing it


This three day workshop is available at only $22 and is held in my membership group. Because it’s in my membership group you have access so much more material including meditations, teachings on Magical Beings, teachings on how to channel, and so much more! I even have a video with the exact method of how I release fears!


By joining this workshop you become of a member of Magical Connections for 10 days. If after those 10 days you decide to join as a full member you will have the option of doing so at a reduced price.


Are you ready to step into this energy?


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