Are you ready to step into your own power of manifesting? To create the life you only DREAM of?!


Did you know you can harness your own divine power and ability to manifest by working with the Elementals and that they can help us create the life we most desire?


It is your divine birthright to LIVE the life you desire, NOT to live life on default barely scraping by, but rather to LIVE in joy and pleasure.

It is your divine birthright to LIVE in peace knowing that all your finances are always taken care of and to release the constant worry of whether you’ll be able to pay your bills, let alone have the money to do the things that you LOVE to do!


Are you feeling as if:

  • You don’t know what you even want and you don’t know how to find out?

  • You don’t know where to start with manifesting?

  • You know you have the power in you, but you feel completely lost?

  • You struggle to recognize your own value and don’t feel worthy or deserving?


It’s your birthright to manifest all you desire! It is WITHIN you to do it ALL!


Elemental Manifesting is the game changer you are waiting for!


The Elementals are stepping forward to help with:

  • Recognizing what you really want and BELIEVING it's possible.

  • Stepping into the energy of manifesting and what actions to take.

  • Releasing the fears that are holding you back from creating the life you love.

  • Recognizing your own value and worth.

  • TRUSTING that everything is happening perfectly.


In this three day program we have several Beings stepping forward!

Azurri is an Elf who is helping you remember who you are and the power that resides within you. She will be assisting with all the different aspects of manifesting. Her gentle energy is soothing but powerful. She will help you harness that energy so you can create the life you desire. She’s also bringing through a lot of healing energy for self worth and deserving.


Sheeran is a Leprecaun who is assisting you with recognizing what your desires truly are so you can begin to create them. He is a joyful energy and is very excited!


Many Faeries are coming in and assisting in bringing in more of the joy and fun energy. They want to help you recognize the magic that is already within you!


We have a Gnome coming in who is very shy. He’s so shy that he’s not shared his name yet, but he’s telling me that he wants to help with the manifesting! He is helping with working with the Earth energies for manifesting, especially the magic of crystals.


There’s a gorgeous golden Dragon named Horace coming in to work with you on treasuring yourself and who you are. He’s also helping with the energy shifts so you can shift into the energy of manifesting your desires. He’ll be transmuting a lot of the energy that does not serve you!


As you can see, there is a lot of energy coming into this program! It’s going to be a packed 3 days!


In these three days you will learn how to:

  • Work on your own self worth and deserving.

  • Create a crystal grid and altar for manifesting.

  • Work with the Elementals, including how to do an offering and how to work with their energy.

  • Work with crystal energy, essential oils and herbs for manifesting.

  • Release fears and limiting beliefs.

  • Set clear intentions and KNOW what you want these intentions to be!


AND we will have at least one healing meditation!


My intention for this workshop, and the intention of all the Beings coming forward, is that you will:

  • Leave this workshop clear on what you are wanting to manifest (the LIFE you want!).

  • Know how to release the fears that arise.

  • TRUST in the process and BELIEVE in your dreams.

  • Know how to get into the energy of manifesting and have clear action steps to take EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  • Know how to connect with the Elementals so you can build a relationship with them. 


This is going to be a game changer for everyone, being in the energy alone is going to shift things massively for you!


This workshop runs Feb. 21-23 in my Magical Connections membership group. This course is valued at $597 and for this one time only is $37! PLUS you get access to EVERYTHING in my group for 10 days! This includes my many meditations and teachings!  

It will NOT be this price again! This is the ONLY time I will run it at $37! 


Are you ready?

Testimonials about my membership group:

I won a two week pass to the Magical Connections Membership. I knew after the first week that I was meant to be there. I experienced so many amazing things - I connected with new guides, received amazing healings, and felt like I was on the right path to becoming my best and truest self! The meditations alone are worth the monthly fee yet you get so much more!! AND the community of members is amazing. Everyone is so supportive. Do yourself a favor and check it out!! - Michelle Cornish

Lalantia has a very special thing going on in her group. She has been a big part of my growth. When we first connected I was only familiar with angels and guides and using them in other people's meditations. Since being in her group and doing the healings I'm happy to say that i can now do channeled meditations for others! Which is amazing! There really is real magic. - Nick Maniaci