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with Isis and Ancient Egypt

Step into the magic of ancient Egypt with the Goddess Isis in a Journey of deep healing and empowerment.  


In this Full Moon Circle we travel to ancient Egypt to a time when magic was accepted and understood in an entirely different way. 


Isis came to me and expressed she would like to help women understand why their sovereignty, confidence and access to divine truth and power is so important. She wants to help you connect with that part of you that may be ready to begin to remember again. To remember how powerful you are as an individual. 


This is a Moon Circle that includes a Shamanic Journey and connecting to the power of the land of ancient Egypt as well as reconnecting to any past lives that are relevant to you at this time. 


Isis wants you to feel that deepening connecting to confidence, to personal power and to ancient wisdom that is already yours and only needs reconnected & remembered. 


We will be clearing ancestral lines as well as the personal lines of connection to this time. This is trauma that has caused self doubt, fear, limiting beliefs and has disconnected you from this aspect of yourself. 

This Moon Circle also includes a DNA activation with Isis. 


Isis is known as the winged Goddess. She’s a Goddess of many energies; loving, kind, generous, motherly… but also powerful, confident and strong. She has courage and strength to overcome adversity and difficult times. 


Why are we traveling to ancient Egypt?
Why is it important? 


Many have a deep connection to Egypt, some of have come to Earth and Egypt was a powerful lifetime of experiences. You brought your wisdom and skills from previous lives and in all coming together we were able to create a powerful society where magic was a normal activity (in many forms). As everyone brought their own skills and it wove together this tapestry of uniqueness. 


But there were times in ancient Egypt when things became traumatic, where fear began to take hold and magic practitioners began to be rounded up and ushered out. Some first being tortured and even killed. People began to forget what was really real as jealousy began to take hold and people began to turn against each other. 


There is healing and releasing to be done to release some of this trauma so you can once again begin to remember. 


In the time of ancient Egypt you may have been a Priest or Priestess, serving different Gods and Goddesses, including Isis. You held a wisdom and a deep connection to ancient energies. That is still yours, it’s not gone, it’s just been hidden. Isis would like to begin to bring that forth again. 


This Full Moon Circle took place August 15th. The replay is available and it’s just as powerful as all were called in. Time is an illusion and whenever you do the Circle you will be transported to the time of it's recording. 


This Circle is $57.

It is now ON SALE for $37 through January 13th only!

Are you ready to join?