Autumn Fairy.png

Fall is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn Faeries are inviting you for a Full Moon Circle in the Faery Glen for a celebration!

The Autumn Faeries prepare for the long winter by preparing the plants for hibernation and completing tasks that need to be finished before the cold sets in. They have been working hard and now are calling for a celebration to commend all that hard work!


They invite you to this Circle to honor how far you’ve come, all you’ve accomplished

and to celebrate it! It’s time to acknowledge

all you have gone through and how

much you've grown.  

They want you to lay down your fears, surrender your worries and allow yourself to be in a space of peace, gratitude and celebration.

This Moon Circle will consist of a Journey to the Faery Glen where all will come together around the bonfire. Here you will lay aside your worries and fears, releasing anything that is keeping you from feeling and being in a space of peace. You will then begin to see how far you have come and the Faeries will help you in bringing in the energy of accomplishment, joy and excitement to prepare you for the long winter ahead.

There will be song and dance and and a magical atmosphere!

This Moon Circle isn’t about healing, but about surrendering and celebrating how far you have come. The Faeries will help in bringing you into the celebratory atmosphere where you can raise your vibration and be in a space of gratitude.

We often get caught up in the cycle of
healing and we forget to celebrate.
Now is the time!

This is $57 to join and this Moon Circle includes a
personal channeled message delivered via email
within 7 days from a Faery stepping forward for you.

We will meet on Zoom on November 12th at 4 pm PST.
Replay will be available after. You do not have to catch it
live and it will be just as powerful on replay.

Do you feel the song, dance and
revelry of the Faeries?
Do you feel the call to connect?