with the Atlantean Dragons

Releasing the Cycles

We are coming up on 2020 and a new energy of expansion and embodying the energies of higher frequency. This means that in the remainder of 2019 we have the ability to release a great deal of lower frequency energies.

The Atlantean Dragons are coming forward to assist in releasing the bindings and cycles of the past. This comes from trauma accumulated from Atlantis forward to present day. These energies have kept you in a cycle (or cycles) of repeating patterns through lifetimes. It is now time to break the cycles by releasing the energies holding you in it.

There is a great deal of shame, regret, unworthiness, undeservedness and unresolved trauma that is keeping you on a path of self destructive behavior.

It is time to release the shackles and take up your place, your role, as a powerful force- a creator, a teacher, a healer. A leader in the world today.

The traumas of your past, and past lives, have kept you within certain parameters, never allowing you to reach beyond a certain frequency. And in this you have not found true value and understanding of your true self.

It is time to release these energies and embody the light of your own unique and powerful being.

The Dragons of Atlantis are stepping forward to assist at this time to allow for a powerful healing and shedding of the past. The stories that you have told yourself and patterns that have been repeated. They will wrap it in a golden light to transform it into your power, your worth, your enoughness. They will help you to rise above it and shine the light of the divine. To embody the light of your true self. Powerful, divine, worthy, and deeply valuable.

In the years leading up to Atlantis falling a lot of energies were ignited. These energies are now in their final cycle to be released. These are the energies of shame, judgment, hate, disloyalty, disempowerment and more. Now we are able to begin to see through these illusions and release them finally.

These energies were brought forth to keep you small, to keep you from living aligned and authentic. This happened so you could learn and grow much more quickly. But as you learn these lessons you can finally release them, truly, once and for all. You are ready to rise above, as you have learned your lesson.

This Full Moon is the last one of 2019 and is the ideal time to begin to release these energies from the old cycle, and own, once again, your powerful self.

This Full Moon Circle will occur over 3 days.
December 11th, 12th and 13th.


Day 1: Recognizing the cycles within your own life
Day 2: Recognizing the truth, seeing through the illusions

Day 3: Releasing and healing.


All three days include a journey where you will be connecting with the Atlantean Dragons.

Each person will receive channeled guidance and personal healings on the calls, or within the group, as guided. All who join will be added to the Moon Circle group. We will meet on Zoom (if you are joining live) at 12/noon PST.

This Moon Circle is $57 to join
and the replays will be available.

There are limited spots available for this one as I’ll be doing a lot of personal channeling and healing as we go, so be sure to claim your spot!

Are you ready to join?