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New Moon Circle in Lumeria: Stripping it all away to reveal the true you

New Moon April 5th, 2019

The time has come for us to visit the Lost Land of Lemuria! This New Moon is about stripping it all away to step into the new energy of the new you. 

We have the Lemurian guides of Luna, a collective I work with, and Sophia, Goddess of wisdom and embodiment of the divine feminine. 

This Journey will take you to Lemuria where you will experience the magic of and peace of the land. You will connect to that ease and flow of being. That energy of allowing. 

Luna, Sophia and any additional energies that may choose to come forth will be helping you to strip everything away. Letting go of the accumulation of fears, lifetimes of worries, the beliefs of others, the weight of the world you may carry on your shoulders. 

Sophia is coming in to remove the pain of this life and the worries you have been holding. And she's doing a healing on your heart. For she sees the desire you hold to move into the now with your wisdom, knowledge and many abilities. She sees that you hold fear because of persecution, because of past experiences in this life and past lives. And she's going to help you see that this energy is not serving you. She will be doing activations in your heart so you are able to embrace your true self, your ancient wisdom and your natural state of being. 

They will help you embrace who you are and the magic you hold. They will help you see that you are enough in this life to bring forth much wisdom from past lives. 

While all the stripping away won't last forever, for as you come back to your body it will be present once again, you will have greater clarity on this to continue to remove this. And you will have a greater understanding of what it is that is restricting you at this time. (Some of the energy WILL be gone, if you have no more lessons attached to it.)

Lemuria is a place that feels safe to many of you as you lived peaceful lives in your authentic state of being. Once connected to that energy again you can begin to bring that into your current life. 

This Moon Circle is going to be incredibly powerful. I will be channeling Sophia and translating the energy brought forward. It is expected for you to experience a great shift. 

The energy exchange for this experience is $57. You will have access to me after the Circle for channeling, healing and integration related to this experience. If you have trouble integrating any of the energy or understanding what it means, I will be available. 

We meet on Zoom April 5th at 11 am PST. Replay will be available and will be sent out after. You do not have to be present live for the experience as it is just as powerful on replay. 

Are you ready to visit Lemuria? Are you ready to activate your innate wisdom and divine love? 

An Atlantean Spring Equinox Full Moon Circle with the Mer-People, Atlantean Dragons, the Faeries and Gaia! 

Full Moon & Ostara Circle! March 21st, 2019












This Full Moon Circle we journeyed to Atlantis! Did you know there was an Atlantis beneath the sea? It was where the Mer-People resided (perhaps you were one of them!). Of course there was the Atlantis above the sea that was filled with stunning buildings and was bustling place filled with magnificent technology very different from today. As we've been exploring more of the Priestess energy, this Moon Circle brings you to a very different sort of way of Being. Priestesses in Atlantis were also teachers of sacred ways, bringing together community in sacred ceremony, honoring the Mother Earth through sacred medicine, tradition, and ways of being. The experience may have looked different, but in the end it was very similar to Priestesses across all time. 

In this Moon Circle we have Kara, a Mer-person Priestess coming forward as the guide. She has stepped forth to assist you in remembering, or awakening an awareness in you so you may step forth into this age in a new way. With a greater understanding and (hopefully) eagerness to bring change. She's assisting as you release the struggle, see unlimited possibilities and step into flow. 

While Kara is a Mer-person she also has legs and can walk on land. We will explore the beauty surrounding Atlantis and in the sea as well as connect with the Priestess energy of your true self and to hear the call of your Higher Self.

In this Circle we also have Faeries coming forward who are eager to untangle a web of doubt and insecurity you have surrounding you. This includes entanglements located in the ear chakras. They also are eager to help ring in Spring! We also have the Atlantean Dragons who are activating within your Crown Chakra a remembrance of the work YOU are meant to do and to help you open to Spirit and information prepared to come in now and in the future. They are also working on the Root Chakra to assist you in grounding the information you receive and to feel a deeper sense of security and connection to the Earth. 

The Atlantean Dragons are extremely high vibrational Beings full of pure love for you. They are asking for you to release the struggle and see the greater possibilities. It is time for you to have a greater understanding of your essence of Being and this importance of stepping up to make an impact you are meant to make. 

You are asked to trust what you feel within. Do you feel the call to deepen your connection to Spirit, to self and to the Earth? Do you feel a desire to make an impact but feel lost in your direction? Do you feel a connection to the Priestess energy but don't yet know what to do with it? If you feel like any of those resonate, then this Moon Circle may be exactly what

your soul is calling for. 

In addition we will be visiting Mother Gaia in the center of the Earth to bring her gifts for Ostara (Spring Equinox) and to deepen that connection with her. After all, we are here to help elevate consciousness and help Gaia. 

In this Journey you will have an opportunity to ask questions on how to deepen your connection, on action steps YOU should take moving forward and anything else related to this experience and the Priestess energy. 

This Full Moon Circle is $57. We met March 21st, 2019. All who watch the replay are transported to the time of the live ceremony. Time is not relevant so if you feel called to this energy it is for a reason. 

This Full Moon is especially powerful with the Libra Full Moon,

Sun entering Aries and the Spring Equinox! 

Are you prepared to step more deeply into your sacred self? To honor yourself, Earth and Spirit? Are you ready to release the struggle and doubt and gain clarity? Join us! 

When you click the link to purchase you will be taken to paypal to pay. Once I receive notification I will send out the recording to the email listed in Paypal. If you have a different email you want used please reach out to me and inform me of this. 

Clearing the Path to the Inner Truth Expression with The Lady of the Lake and the Priestesses of Avalon.

New Moon March 6th, 2019 at 10 am PST (replay available for purchase below)





True expression of self is most needed at this time but you may find yourself distracted by the harsh energies in your environment and flooding in at this time. As Universal gates of wisdom have been opened and energy has begun to hit the planet and all those prepared to accept it, you are needed to strengthen your aura, to take appropriate care of your energy body and to put up appropriate boundaries and protection. As you prepare to allow your authentic self to express much work must

be done to open and clear these portals of energy. 

Your throat chakra holds the trauma and restrictions of lifetimes of vows, fears and beliefs. This clogs the throat, leaving you unable to truly express

your truths and authentic self. 

In like, your third eye is blocked in many ways. Often trauma of the past, but also as a result of the environment. It is imperative to clear the energy from this space so you may begin to see once again the path before you. 

In this New Moon Circle you will be be taken on a Journey to remove vows, fears and other entanglements from your throat chakra. 

You will be taken to the Isle of Avalon where you will connect with the Lady of the Lake who will begin to clear the third eye, clearing trauma and reawakening the pineal gland, clearing away calcification that has occurred in this lifetime due to harsh conditions and chemicals.  This process will awaken it to begin to allow you to

see before you your divine destiny. 

Before returning you will travel deeper into the isle where the Priestesses of this sacred place will assist you in opening to your divine destiny, in seeing the magic of your own true selves. In this sacred ceremony codes within your throat chakra and the third eye shall be activated. This is the first of three, though

not all are required, they are most beneficial. 

This New Moon Circle includes intention setting before leaving the Isle of Avalon. 

You seek answers but truly they reside within. You must only allow yourself to see and through this great clearing, healing and activation a new

beginning will be set in motion. 

You are needed, your truth is needed and access to the wisdom you hold within is ready to be expressed. There will be a short channeled teaching

before and during the Journey.

This very first New Moon Circle is at a very low price of only $37! It is valued at $150. We met on a Zoom call but it was be recorded for replay,

which is available on replay! 

We met March 6th, 2019 for the New Moon in Pisces.


This powerful experience is just as potent on replay, whether it's done on a New Moon or not, you be transported to the time of the recording. If called to this experience it's for a reason. Trust that feeling! 


Are you ready to clear your throat and third eye? Are you ready to connect with the Lady of the Lake and the Priestesses of Avalon? 

When you click the link to purchase you will be taken to paypal to pay. Once I receive notification I will send out the recording to the email listed in Paypal. If you have a different email you want used please reach out to me and inform me of this. 





This was a very powerful experience, as the channel I got emotional at times because of the beautiful energy the Lady of the Lake brought in. The deep love that she expressed to every single person. 


I have been working with Lalantia for many years now. It all started with a reading and evolved into working with her on many levels. I have had the privilege of not only being a VIP client I have continued to work with her in workshops, journeys, Moon circles and more. 
Lalantia has the ability to help transport you to the time and place for you to get the information you need to live your best life. 
Some of the things I truly admire about her is her integrity, compassion and her desire to see you succeed in your life by standing in your personal power. 
I highly recommend Lalantia if your wondering if you’re meant to work with her on a deeper level reach out to her and she will be honest with you.

I’m so excited for the Full Moon Circle!!! 

- Denise Russell


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