Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive a personal message from a Mermaid, Dragon, Faerie, Unicorn or other Being of Myth and Magic? 

Are you fascinated by a Magical Being and would like to connect? 

Or maybe you are looking for the perfect unique gift? 

For a limited time I am offering Magical Messages from the Magical Realms! 

In this offer I channel the Being of your choice a message specifically for you (or the person you are gifting it for). 

This is about one page long (in some cases may be longer) and holds the energy of the Being I channel. It also carries any healing that the Being sends through and can help you connect in a deeper way on your own. This will be delivered in PDF form to your email. 

This offer holds the energy exchange of $44. It is available for a limited time only! 

Once you pay be sure to message me so that I can receive the information on who the message is for. 

I am so blessed and honored to be offered this opportunity! The Mermaids were very joyful and eager to bring it to my attention. And who wouldn't love a message from a real Mermaid, Dragon, Unicorn, Faerie, etc.?! 


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