Illuminating the Soul: An 8 Week Course to Expanding the Light Within. 

Are you ready to tell the Universe that you are done playing small? Are you ready to rediscover who you really are?

Do you feel as if you just can't seem to get into alignment with your true desires?

Do you struggle with creating the life of your dreams? 

Do you feel as if you just go in circles trying to 'figure out' who you are and what you are meant to do in the world today?

If you said yes to any of those, then Illuminating the Soul may be perfect for you! 

This 8 week course is about accepting the self that's the true you, and not accepting the self made  here in the physical with the fears, lack and societal conditioning. 

Accepting the TRUE YOU in order to manifest and to come into alignment with your natural state of BEing. 

This program is hosted and run by TWO powerful psychics and healers, Lalantia and Jacqueline Hopper. They are channeling the powerful collective Lumerian energy of Luna. 

It is important to allow yourself to see the power of being your true authentic self and the magic that exists in that. Recognize that you have the power, the ability and the gift to stand in the truth and power of what feels good, what feels right, for it is in standing in the truth and power of your true self that you discover the magic of being you and see what true alignment is.


The experience of flow. The experience of connection to self. The experience of knowing within you what brings joy. 

Finding the magic of the true self elevates your human experience, in not only how to relate to, and draw to you others, but how you interact with the world at large.  You see, within you glows a light, in this light you see the essence of your own divine self and the eternal truth of your soul. The history of all lives, all experiences. In allowing the expansion of this light you see- the truth of all that is, all that has been, and all that will be- or the potential of what you may choose to create

You must take back your power, own who you are, and recognize the importance of your truths. 

When you sit within to see, and then to share, the truths of your soul, you can not go wrong, it is when you allow fear, doubt and insecurity to overwhelm you that you once again find misalignment. 

Your true self is already within you. You don't need to seek anything. You need to recognize you are SAFE to ALLOW your true self to emerge. You are SAFE to HEAL the pain, the trauma, the beliefs, the fears to uncover who you are beneath it all. 

Illuminating the Soul begins February 4th and runs through March 29th!

With two Zoom calls a week, plus a Q&A you will have immense support the entire 8 weeks. In addition this program is being facilitated by two powerful psychics and healers. 

Jacqueline Hopper is a Psychic Empowerment Coach and Healer who helps people rediscover and open their spiritual gifts, step into their authentic power, and manifest the lives they were always meant to live!

Lalantia is a Psychic Realm Channeler and Healer who taps into realms normally beyond our reach and accesses guidance, support and healing to help you rediscover the truth of who you really truly are and the magic that exists within so you can live the life you came here to live. 

In this program we will be helping you to rediscover your authentic self through teachings channeled by Luna + multiple healings, meditations, Shamanic Journeys and psychic guidance. 

The weeks cover the following:

  • Manifesting as naturally creative Beings.

  • Understanding your energy and feeling intuitively when you are aligned, or misaligned. 

  • Recognizing the truths that are yours, and those put upon you by others and how to release what isn't yours. Shedding the layers to unveil YOUR truth.

  • Working through the fears, the doubts and insecurities you hold around YOU. Understanding how to move through them to come into alignment with what is right for YOU. 

  • Connection to your Higher Self and understanding how to deepen the connection to have access to the wisdom you hold. 

  • Expanding the light within to own WHO YOU ARE, your truths, your power and your connection to self.

  • Building the Dream of the new authentic you. Seeing what you truly desire in your life, what you choose to feel, what you choose to do and how you choose to live your life. Authentically. (This includes an integration into this new way of BEing.)

Each week there are either a healing, meditation or journey (or combination) plus the teachings channeled from Luna.


This is a loose list of topics being covered, there is much more included and is being expanded regularly.

This is a group program but as people join the energy goes where it is most needed based upon this. Expect that this will become exactly what you need.  Luna has much more she is ready to include! 

We anticipate making this a program where everyone gets a personal touch. It will be a smaller group of people participating so individual channeling is possible, as needed, as well as explanations and additional healing support. 

The energy exchange for this experience is $2,297 when you pay in full, $1,225 in two payments, or $625 in bi weekly payments.

BONUS: The first 4 people to sign up get a FREE session with Jacqueline and Lalantia! (That's over a $600 value!)

AND everyone who joins gets a crystal (rainbow aura quartz) and a specially channeled essential oil blend! 


Your authentic self carries imprints of vast knowledge and wisdom of lifetimes past. In allowing yourself to once again embody this essence of your true self, or rather, in allowing this to expand, you have within you the ability to once again feel your access to the wisdom you hold. 

Vast knowledge is yours. You must only allow this to come forth, to surface once again. You must allow this process to unfold and trust in all that comes forth. 

This exists within you. It is already yours. It is not something you must seek. You allow this knowledge to come forth. 

Open yourself up to your authentic self. Allow your wisdom to surface and in this you discover the light of which you are meant to share with the world. The powers you hold to bring an impact are already yours. - Luna 

In these incredible 8 weeks we will hold space, guide you, support you, help you to heal, to grow and to recognize your own magic. You will have massive growth, immense shifts that will lead to your outside world looking different as you allow yourself to see that magic that is YOU. 


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