Lalantia- Psychic Realm Channeler & Healer

Lalantia is a Psychic Realm Channeler and Healer who taps into realms normally beyond our reach and accesses guidance, support and healing from Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns, Faeries and other Beings of Myth and Magic. She is guided to explore these realms and bring back insight others don't have access to. She also has the ability to facilitate awakening, healings, and psychic abilities.

Her passion is to help women awaken to the truth and magic of their authentic selves so they can live in full alignment, experiencing the magic of their own passions and purposes and impact they are meant to make in the world. 

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I had two healing sessions with Lalantia and were out of this world, mind blowing, and life changing. The beings of light whom I connected offered so much healing and clarity and the exact messages that I needed. It truly is an amazing experience that is worth to have at least once in this lifetime. I love to have it once a week. The insights that you get from this sessions are extraordinary. Thank you! 

- Carmen

Lalantia is skilled in the following areas:


Psychic Channel

I channel all the Magical Beings like Faeries, Elementals, Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids and more! I am a medium and and can bring through messages from passed loved ones. I can also see the future (when I'm meant to) and channel healing energy.  I read your energy and can see areas that need healed, stuck energy, limiting beliefs and more. 

I am also channel a variety of collectives, including the collective Lumerian energy called Luna (along with Jackie Hopper) and for the collective energy of David, (monks) here to hold the energy of divine love, peace and acceptance. 

Crystal Healer

I am a trained crystal healer and work with the essence of crystal energy. I bring it forward to use in healing practice. 

Faerie Expert

I work with the Elementals, Nature Spirits & Faeries daily. I not only teach about them but I heal with them, manifest with them, journey with them and have a strong connection with their energy and all Beings of Myth and Magic, including Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids and more. 

Merlin Vortex Magician

I am an energy healer using the Vortex activated within me, channeling Merlin and healing. I have the ability to shift energy. This is a form of energy healing. 

All sessions are conducted online through a video chat or email.