The Inner Child Magical Healing Journey: Heal the hidden wounds and experience the care-free play and the Magical Realms. 

Is your inner child wounded, lost, confused? 

Did you suffer trauma as a child and you struggle to release it or move to the other side?

Do you have a hard time experiencing fun and being playful?


The Magical Beings are stepping forward, eager to help you heal the inner child wounds and to rediscover your own inner magic. 


Sometimes you don't know what the wounds are. You don't know what trauma you may have experienced if any at all. 


But if you have a hard time having fun or being playful, if you have no connection with creativity, if you feel a deep sadness and you are unsure why, you may have inner child healing to do. 


You don't have to have had a traumatic childhood to benefit from inner child work. You may have trauma that you have suppressed, you may have just grown up quick because you had so many responsibilities. It may be you've just lost your connection with your inner child as an adult. 


It's time to bring out your inner child, ask her/him what is ready to heal now and experience the shifts. 


Healing with the inner child doesn't have to be a heavy and difficult experience. In fact, while it may be painful, it's often not.


When doing inner child healing with the Faeries, Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns and many other Beings it allows your inner child to feel safe, to play without bounds and releases a burden within YOU to ALLOW the shifts and healing to occur. 


How does this session work? 


  • We will first discuss any inner child healing you may be aware of. (Keep in mind you may have stuff come up you aren't aware of, but we do it in a gentle way.)


  • We will then go on a Shamanic Journey with the support of the Magical Beings coming forward. This may vary some from person to person but many Faeries and Dragons are very present. For some Unicorns, Mermaids and other Magical Beings will come forward. My guides will also be supporting the energy to help you raise your vibration for the strongest connection and to help you feel safe. 


  • In this Journey you will connect with your inner child in a space that feels safe for you. 


  • Then we will continue by playing. Depending on your inner child, of course. This may include flying with a Dragon, swinging on a swing, walking along a beach, petting a Unicorn, etc. 


  • There will also be a healing by the Magical Beings on this Journey. 


  • Once finished we will discuss and I will answer questions and do any channeling needed. 


The session lasts approx. an hour, depending on the Journey as they take however long they take. 


This is meant to be healing but also FUN. This is an experience where you can meet your own Dragon, Faerie, Unicorn, Mermaid or many other guides. These are Beings who will be present to help you as you continue with your inner child healing. 


My sessions are normally $295 an hour and I'm offering this special offer for $197 only! It is available through the month of February. You may book for after February but payment must be collected before the end of the month. 


Are you ready to embark on this Magical Journey? Is your inner child ready to come out to play? Click below to secure your spot at this price! I will then send a link for you to schedule!




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