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Creating a Vision of Expansion

You hold an incredible vision within you to create a space on Earth that is vibrant and aligned with who you are, and who you are meant to become. A vision in which you are able to live your life purposefully, aligned and connected to the Divine and the Earth. You may not​ yet​ see this vision, but it is within you and it is time now to draw it out.

2020 is nearly upon us and with it comes the energy of New Beginnings. A new decade in which to plant new seeds of creation. Some may be seeds which have already been planted, sprouted and are growing and to maintain the growth your vision can be expanded on.

We are here on Earth right now to usher in a new way of being. The old patterns, fears and conditioning are being cleared and with that we are making space that allows for greater expansion and a more aligned and joyful life. It is imperative to work with that energy to visualize what you would like to create.

This workshop is to help you create this vision and the steps leading up to it. We will also be bringing in and working with crystal energy that is supporting you in your creation. You are invited to bring a clear quartz to program with your intentions and vision, and we will be calling in other crystal energy to amplify our intentions to send them out into the Universe. If you do not have a clear quartz they are energetically available within the meditation. In fact, you will send your intentions into an enormous crystal which will amplify your vision into the Universe. 

In this safe space you are encouraged to expand your vision and allow yourself to think big. We aren’t containing you, we are holding space for the big picture, the big dreams, to be seen and created. From this space we can then explore the steps needed to achieve the big dream from then, working backward to now.

In addition we will be exploring fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into it. We will do an energy clearing and releasing to release some of them and provide steps to continue doing so.

In this workshop you will:

  • Create and build your vision, or expand upon the vision you already hold.

  • Identify the steps to lead up to it and actions you will need to take.
  • Create mantras and affirmations to build the energy.

  • Release fears and limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your intentions.

  • Program a clear quartz crystal with your intentions.

  • Send your intentions into an enormous crystal within the Earth to be amplified.

  • Create a meditation practice to build the energy in the workshop and beyond.

This workshop isn’t meant to contain you, your intentions and goals should always be growing and expanding and I believe it’s important to always leave space for that. What you desire today may change tomorrow and that’s okay. But if you don’t see where you want to be, how can you know what to start with today?

This is a recorded workshop so you can watch it and participate at any time! It will be completed in 3-4 videos so it can be done in smaller chunks of time. 
It’s only $20 to claim your spot!