Embracing Your True Beauty with the Mermaids and the Goddess Yemaya

Join us as we sink into the depths of the sea to join the Mermaids and the Goddess Yemaya for a Full Moon ceremony to connect to the beauty of your true self and true emotions. Releasing the expectations that have been put upon you in this Earthly realm as to what is ‘beauty’ and instead begin to see the beauty of the divine light of your true self.

Your beauty is not determined by what society
says is normal or expected.

Your soul light (your inner beauty that radiates out
energetically) is vibrant and calls those into your life
who you are meant to connect with.

Your shame is not your truth.

Your self-judgement is not your truth.

Your true self is not held by the expectations of this world.
Your true self shines brightly with the light of your soul.

Releasing judgement is one great lesson for us as humans, this includes self-judgement. See that your beauty is relevant and real.

Yemaya is a Goddess of the Ocean that may appear as a Mermaid. She works closely with the Mermaids but in all my time with the Mermaids, she has not stepped forward until this time. She is fierce but loving. She stands strong for women's rights and women being enough in all ways. She is protective but she is an advocate for claiming YOUR power and not relying on others. Leaning on others for support, but not giving your power away.

The Mermaids are souls who swim the world’s waters seeing and knowing their own beauty. They see beneath the skin and know themselves and others by the light they radiate out of their true self. Their soul.

They have come in to assist in releasing old energy that has convinced you that you are too old, fat, skinny, hairy, bald, etc, etc. That you are not enough, not worthy, not beautiful, not lovable. They are here to help you love yourself and move through the emotions that have kept you feeling stuck in your body, on this Earth, in your life, etc.

  • Connected to yourself as you truly are (worthy, deserving, enough, etc)

  • Your true emotions

  • Beautiful as you are in this moment

  • Supported

  • Loved

  • Free!

    (and so much more)

And to help you feel:

You dear one, are a representation of the divine. There is nothing on you or about you that is less than perfection. It is your own beliefs that have allowed you to remain small in your skin. Afraid to let others see you and even connect with you.

You may have spent your life afraid of being seen because of what others will think. You may have taken on the belief you are ugly and that no one wants to see you and it has kept you from living free and connected to yourself and others.

You are NOT alone. As a human in this life you have begun to believe that you are unworthy and you are better off hiding so no one can hurt you. It’s time to come out of the shadows and allow the support of these incredible beings to help you on this path.

In this Full Moon Circle we will be taking a Shamanic Journey to connect with a group of Mermaids who have come forward to help you shed the fears and the limiting beliefs so you can step into your true skin. They are here to help you see and understand your own unique beauty and to claim it, owning it for yourself. We will be connecting with the Goddess Yemaya who is coming forth to hold space and assist in the releasing, healing and reclaiming as well as the activating.

The Mermaids are here to help you feel and express the depths of your emotions that you have pushed down and denied for years, or even your entire life. Your emotions may be so tied up that you don’t even know WHAT you feel and in this circle you will begin to feel them rising and releasing through the journey. Gently, beautifully. Not in a hard or unpleasant way, but instead feeling deeply the love of all that is around you. And allowing the energy of fears and limitations to be released.

The Mermaids are here to help you feel the sense of freedom, swimming inhibited through the great sea. With the whales and the dolphins and the many sea creatures.

They are helping you connect to your own Mermaid essence, whether you have been a Mermaid in a past life or not, you can find this sense of freedom, ease and a gentleness of flow as you embrace the light of you.

  • an energy and chakra clearing

  • a healing and release with the Mermaids

  • Connection with the Mermaids helping YOU on your journey (including a channelled message from your Mermaid guide

  • A Journey (everything happens IN the journey, other than the clearing prior to it) where you will connect to the magic and beauty of the sea, the sea life, and the Mermaids.

  • Activations to unlock the emotions of your heart to allow it to open further.

  • Connection to your soul song. (Depending on how open you are to hearing it.)

This Full Moon Circle includes:

You are encouraged to look into your own fears and beliefs prior to the Moon Circle so you are prepared with some in your awareness (it is not required but may assist you).

This Moon Circle is $57 to join.


We will meet live on Zoom (or you watch the replay- just as powerful!) on February 10th at 6 pm PST. The replay will be sent out immediately after (once uploaded to dropbox).

This Full Moon includes a channelled message through the group (in a thread) from a Mermaid coming forward for you. This will be done AFTER the Full Moon Circle and is only available to those joining the Full Moon Circle prior to it.
(You don’t have to join the zoom call though.)