Harness the power of the Elements &
CREATE your life with passion, purpose and love!

When working with the Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire AND Spirit/Universe you will gain assistance to understand and take hold of the creative forces outside of you as well as within.


For YOU are a powerful creator!

Understanding how to work with the Elements and Elementals for manifesting is not only a magical experience, but a fulfilling one.


The Earth is changing, the vibration is rising and transformation is upon us. In Elemental Manifesting my intention is to help you have a greater understanding of energy, to have the tools to manifest this new Earth and to help you heal through self doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs. To help you take back your power and your manifesting abilities!

  • In these 8 weeks we will be diving deep into several aspects of manifesting. Working with the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit as well as Gnomes, Salamanders, Sylphs, Undines, Mermaids, Dragons, Elves, Leprechauns and Faeries! 

  • We will be working with the energy of the Vortexes on Earth for Manifesting and harnessing the power to create what we truly desire in our life.

  • We also will be working with crystal energy and crystal grids for manifesting. We will be journeying to the Crystal Kingdom to really connect on a very deep level to the power and magic of crystals. 

  • And last, but not least, we will be working with the practical aspects of manifesting and dealing with money in life. Because without this the rest doesn’t really come together! 

Elemental Manifesting is about connecting
to the power of the Earth as well as the
Elementals, for incredible manifesting!

  • Module 1: Earth 
    In this module we are working with Gaia, Gnomes, Elves and Dragons. We will learn about the Chakras on Earth and how we are able to work with these vortexes for manifesting and for healing ourselves. This is an introduction and mainly includes teaching.

  • Module 2: Air
    This module is with the Sylphs and we will begin to work with the movement of the vortexes for manifesting. This is where we will actively begin to bring the vortexes in for building the energy in our manifestations. I will be holding space in a meditation to do this and walk you through it. 

  • Module 3: Fire
    In this module we are working with Salamanders and Dragons and we’ll be using fire to burn away the old energy to move into the new. We will work with releasing fears, limiting beliefs and conditioning. This module includes a healing.

  • Module 4: Water
    This module is about emotions and we’re working with Undines and Mermaids. We’ll be creating a gratitude practice and working with emotion for creation. This is also where we will work with the Divine Feminine and the energy of allowing and flow. We will be doing a meditation this week with the Mermaids. 

  • Module 5: Spirit
    In this module we will be connecting to Spirit and the unlimited support and potential of the entire Universe. This is deepening your connection to trust, understanding your enormous support and co-creating with Spirit. This module includes a Journey to connect with your specific manifesting guide(s). 

  • Module 6: Crystals
    This is all about working with crystals for manifesting, creating a crystal grid and a includes a journey to the crystal kingdom with the Gnomes to be gifted crystals to assist YOU in YOUR manifesting. 

  • Module 7: Making Manifesting FUN 
    Here we have Sheehan the Leprechaun and various Faeries coming in to help you understand the role of PLAY in your creation. I will channel on ways that are best for YOU to manifest in a space of fun and play as well as a meditation to connect. This includes a connection to your inner child as well. 

  • Module 8: Practical Actions
    This module is about the practical aspects of manifesting because the rest needs to be tied together with the energy we are in day to day when having this human experience. This includes a list (PDF) of steps that are important for you to stay on top of.

What we will be doing:

We start August 1st!  

Elemental Manifesting is conducted via Zoom call once a week + a live 1x a week for Q&A and any additional healing, guidance and support that is needed. A Facebook group will be created for all members to easily communicate and connect and have access to all material. 

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