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Embodying the Light of Pure Love

Opening to pure love and oneness with the
Dragons of Andromeda and the Lunar Dragons

It is now time to expand your light from this space within the 3rd dimension, to begin to step into the 5th. You have felt restricted within your human body. Some aspects of your true self have been condensed to allow you to reside within the 3rd dimension in this life, and many past lives. It is now time to expand that. Some have done so, rising to the 4th and some with a foot in the 5th. But there are some aspects of you that are ready to now have some assistance in stepping forth into your true self, to embody more of the powerful light coming in at this time. 


It is now time to reawaken aspects of your chakra system that have been closed down for many many lifetimes. 


In this 5 day workshop we are working with the Dragons of Andromeda who are of pure love- love beyond what we can truly comprehend. We are also working with the Lunar Dragons who are assisting in opening the Causal Chakra and allowing you to bring in more light into your body. 


The Dragons of Andromeda are prepared to now to flood you with pure love, raising your vibrational frequencies and releasing the lower vibrations of fear, limitations, lack and self doubt.

  • Begin to embody the pure and unconditional love being brought in

  • Connect with the Dragons of Andromeda and the Lunar Dragons

  • Learn about them and the powerful energy they hold

  • Begin to clear away what no longer is in alignment with your truth

  • Expand your chakras to a point they can hold a higher frequency of love

  • And so much more!

Through these 5 days you will:

This workshop is meant to assist you in embodying this love in a powerful way. It is meant to allow you to feel held, supported and loved unconditionally. And it is meant to create this space for you to understand at a much deeper level. 


You are ready now to expand the light within and to hold this frequency of love. In doing this you will feel a deeper connection with your soul, your higher self and your greater purpose. You will feel a drive to show up and share this love with others in various ways and you will find that you impact others simply by being near them. This pure love is going to allow a greater vibrational frequency to ascend to Earth. 


Each day we will come together in a space of peace and love. Setting the intention to raise our vibration together and feeling the love of the divine, allowing ourselves to embody this love.

This 5 day workshop includes a
Full Moon Circle on September 13th
The workshop runs September 9-13th

with lives each day in a private Facebook group


This 5 day workshop is $57 with the addition of the
Full Moon Circle (normally $57 on it’s own).
This will include a powerful Journey, releasing and healing.


Are you ready to join?