The Lalantia Show: Working with Selenite

As a crystal healer I work with crystals regularly in my healing practice and I have recently been shown the importance of sharing more about working with crystals energetically as well. So I decided to do an episode of The Lalantia Show sharing more about this and speaking about working with Selenite. Selenite was the first crystal I physically felt vibrate. It's also the crystal that helped heal my dad after a very bad accident. One thing it is well known for is it's clearing abilities and is used for clearing our own energy and aura, as well as our home and other crystals too! Selenite is one I do recommend having a physical crystal because the multiple uses and powerful energy of cleari

What is your soul song?

I have been channeling with the Mermaids every day the past couple weeks and one thing they've reminded me of a few times is our soul song. Mermaids sing unabashedly, freely, with no restrictions or fears. They let the song flow out with ease and no fear of judgement. They are confident in themselves and don't hold back like we do. I asked them to describe what our soul song really is, and this is what they had to say: "Your soul song is that presence of you. That pure essence of who you are and it's presented as a sound that flows forth freely. It's allowing yourself to express who you are through your voice with no holding back. With no fears of judgement, no worries of how it sounds or ho

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