What Are Mermaids?

What are Mermaids? What a silly question, right? The thing is, of course everyone knows Mermaids are those beautiful women who are half woman, half fish. And you may be thinking that they aren't real... but if you think that you may in the wrong place as they are 100% real! Now, if you are curious to learn more, here's a small bit about them. Mermaids are the females and Mermen are the males. Yes, there are males! They live in ALL bodies of water and work to clean all water sources as it's extremely important to them to help clean up Mother Earth, and protect her. They are self confident, powerful, divine and sensual. The LOVE to sing and fully embrace their truth and who they are. They are

Communicating with Faeries & Elementals

So, you want to see and hear Faeries & Elementals? I so often hear the same thing from people. They want to see and hear Faeries and Elementals and don't always understand that it often doesn't work that way. So I wanted to talk a bit about that and how you may best communicate with them. First of all, can people physically see and hear Faeries and Elementals? Sometimes, yes. Does it happen often? No. Sometimes this is due to conditioning and even subconscious fears and once that is healed you may be able to see and hear them. Often they are just shy and choose not to show themselves. This is common and once you develop a connection and relationship with them they may show themselves. This h

Deepening Our Connection to the Earth with the Faeries

Did you know that you can deepen your connection to the Earth by working with the Faeries? The Faeries care for the plants, the soil, the water, the air. They are all around us in nature, working hard to keep Earth clean and clear of pollutants. Obviously it's at a very bad space now and they need as much help as they can get. We need as much help as we can get. And working together we can make a bigger difference, a bigger impact. Faeries understand things differently than us. They've been here a very long time and they have a much longer memory than us! They remember when the Earth wasn't full of pollutants. They remember when it was important to humans to protect and care for the Earth. B

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