Reconnect to your ancient wisdom, natural way
of being and innate healing abilities

​Have you felt an ache in your heart to feel a
connection to your true and ancient self?


Have you heard the call of Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon or other ancient civilizations? Have you felt a desire to dive deep into those lifetimes and ancient wisdom and knowledge?


If you have felt any of that I am excited
to tell you about Awaken the Priestess Within!



This 12-week 1:1 program is to help you awaken and deepen
your connection to the Priestess energy you hold within you.


It is to help you begin to remember who you are and the ancient lifetimes in which you served the Goddess, the Earth and the ancient ways.

Priestesses are wisdom keepers, holders of ancient knowledge that was hid in the Earth, within crystals and at sacred sites.


This is ready to be brought once again into the world and it’s the Priestesses that are doing so much of this sacred and incredibly important work. There are codes held within you, and in your energy body, that once activated will allow you to once again delve into this deep, mysterious and magical energy. To once again bring forward these ancient ways of being. To bring forward the ancient wisdom that is ready to be brought into

the world again.




It is YOUR energy that once activated will be able to access the particular ancient knowledge that YOU hid in past lives. YOU are the only one who can do this this particular task.

You incarnated to help birth this New Earth and new way of being. You CHOSE to incarnate to LEAD the way for others and your own unique energy signature is needed to create the change YOU came here to do! 


Each individual Priestess has their own unique energy code that is meant to do particular things. No one else can do your job for you.

In this program we will dive deep, discovering which ancient civilizations you are meant to reconnect with. We will visit these places in Journeys to bring a remembrance.  


With the assistance of the Priestesses of ancient Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon as well as many additional guides, including Luna (from Lemuria), Atlantean Dragons (Atlantis), the Atlantean Priestesses, the Lady of the Lake, the Priestesses of Avalon and many more, codes will be activated within you. They will guide you to the places in which you are most needed to gather these codes.

Sophia, the embodiment of the Divine Feminine aspect of Source is present in this experience with her incredibly powerful guidance, healing and support. She will be assisting in helping you remember and connect with your own ancient way of being and the wisdom you hold. 


You will be connected with your own Priestess guide for your continuing journey, as well as any other guides that are beneficial for this process, exploration and expansion. This includes protector guides, healing guides, magical beings, etc. Each individual will experience what is right for you at this time. 

In this process any abilities not yet opened, will be. Your healing abilities we be fine tuned as you begin to remember how YOU can best heal yourself, others and the Earth.


This program is meant for those who feel the call to make an impact. Who wish to deepen their connection to the ancient Lost Lands and begin to remember and reconnect to

their Priestess energy.


This is a powerful and magical program. As you begin to remember you will find emotional depths of yourself you hadn’t yet experienced. You will have wounds come to the surface to be healed, as you may carry much trauma from past lives where you were killed for expressing and being your true self and doing your powerful work.


You will be entirely supported with access to myself and the guides assisting on this journey at all times.



This is a Sacred experience. One that will deepen your connection with YOU to another level. Building upon your connection to your Higher Self, your Soul and your

ancient Priestess energy and wisdom.

​In these 12 weeks you will:

  • Deepen your connection to YOU, your Soul, your Higher Self and your Priestess self (possibly more than one lifetime)

  • Connect with a Priestess guide and any others important on this path

  • Open your abilities (or deepen them)

  • Learn your healing techniques as you connect with your Priestess self and your Priestess guide. This is to heal yourself, others and the Earth.

  • Connect to Lemuria, Atlantis and/or Avalon (all or one, it will vary for each person) and any other ancient times that are relevant to you.

  • Activate codes of ancient wisdom

  • Activate DNA

  • Heal resistance you have to this deep connection.

Through the 12 weeks I will channeling guidance for you based on your personal energy and work you are doing. Healings, Journey's, and guidance as you learn your methods of working with energy, crystals, plants, and other ancient ways.


This incredible experience is $3,333 and includes 12 1:1 sessions completed on zoom once a week and access to me via messenger or email.

Are you ready to embrace your Priestess self, your own ancient wisdom and the magical path that lies before you? 

I have three payment options (though personalized ones are also available). 

Here's what Pauline had to say about Awaken the Priestess Within:


I don’t know how words can ever express how this woman has changed my life. As tears gather in my eyes, I will try.

I was pushed (literally, I couldn’t say no lol) by Goddess Sophia to take her Awaken the Priestess within program. I didn’t know why, I had no idea how, but I knew I couldn’t say no. Divinely everything worked out for me to sign up and this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Completely changed my life.

You see I was badly bullied throughout school and therefore had no yang power. Because of this I was taken advantage of, at work, at home, everywhere. It seemed like everyone around me took advantage of my low self esteem and excessive yin energy. I had worked with the Goddesses before and was very good at allowing, but that power, that action, that umph was severely lacking.

In walked Lalantia and my life has NEVER been the same.

Before this, I termed myself an intuitive self empowerment coach. Working with her in just these twelve weeks, I am now a PSYCHIC empowerment coach and boy did she open up my psychic abilities!!! I can now channel energies that I never dreamed of channeling. I didn’t even ask for that, it just happened. Her magic is unlike any other’s I’ve experienced. The EMPOWERMENT that this woman offers her clients is unreal. It was like a dream come true. She empowered ME to do my own healings and what not. I now honestly believe that there is NOTHING that I can’t handle. AND no one wants to mess with this lady anymore!!! That power and Self love and confidence that I have now is PRICELESS.

Imagine, after 12 weeks of working with one coach and you achieve such POWER that you don’t even need a coach anymore??? Guys, this is a no brainer.

And so down to earth, such a loving, kind, beautiful soul that really wants the best for all of her clients.

Lalantia, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Love you so much, forever grateful for the emPOWERment you gave me ❤️🥰🔥🙏

- Pauline



If you have been thinking about working with Lalantia, especially in her New PRIESTESS progam, DOOOOO ITTTTT

She will connect the heck out of you to the Priestess Energy and help you embody the archetype more fully and step into your role as PRIESTESS!

Get ittttttt, the times I having partnered up with her have been amazing and I know you will be so profoundly moved and connected more to this energy after working with her! Plus she has a dope divine squad backing her and goes above and beyond to help you achieve what your aiming for!

Thank you Lalantia for holding that space for us ladies! 


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