Are you ready to see and  own your power, your uniqueness, and your own magic?


What would you say you if I told you can do this by exploring the magical realms and connecting more deeply with your true self?

This is about exploring the magic of yourself by seeing the greatness that exists within these realms. This is finding that voice and magic that is needed to step up and into your purpose and seeing that you are an incredibly powerful and unique soul.

This is about seeing you are not 'just another person', this is truly experiencing the magic that exists within by exploring these places, receiving messages, healings, activations and more.

It is time to transform. To release the limits you have placed on yourself and that of society. This is to see that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are POWERFUL. And you are ready to embrace YOU and who you want to be.

  • Do you struggle to see the wisdom and knowledge that you hold within you? 

  • Are you unable to see the vision who you really want to be? 

  • Do you have fears, societal conditioning and limiting beliefs that keep you from moving forward and seeing your own power and truth? 

Are you ready to explore the truth of who you really, truly are? The YOU that is hidden beneath the conditioning and fears?

Awaken the Magic Within is a 6 week group program where you have the opportunity to do deep healing and explore WHO YOU ARE through the Magical Realms. 

  • We'll be working with Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns, Faeries, Elementals and more so you will begin to see the Magic that exists within YOU! 

  • We'll do journeys to the Magical Realms including the Crystal Kingdom! 

  • You'll merge with your past life energies  most relevant, connected and most needed in this lifetime. 

  • We'll do a journey to connect with your Higher Self.

  • We'll do a past life journey.

  • There will be activation's to ancient wisdom and knowledge.

  • Abilities will begin to open and expand.

Did you know that you may have had lifetimes in other Realms? Do you feel more Faery or Mermaid? It may be because you had more lifetimes in the Magical Realms! 

In this program you will see and begin to heal past lives that are affecting this life and you stepping into your authenticity. Your magical self is ready to emerge, are you ready to let her/him out? 

Did you know you also have the power to CREATE who you want to be? 

You are an incredible Being who deserves to live a fulfilling and JOYFUL life. To live your life on YOUR terms and not falling into the trap of what society says it should be. 

We begin November 28th and this program lasts through January 11th (we take the week of Christmas off).

  • This group program is done on Zoom (available for free).

  • We will meet for an hour once a week + an additional half hour on Facebook live for Q&A and channeling on a different day.

  • There will be a private Facebook group so all participants are able to ask questions and also communicate with each other. 

Each week we are working with Magical Beings and will be doing Shamanic Journey's to different Realms. This will be deeply healing as they assist with different aspects of your emotions and expression of who you are. 

The Beings:

   * Mermaids are stepping forward to help with the exploration of your emotions and recognizing you are safe to express what you feel. This is to explore shame, regret, unworthiness, and more. They will help you see more of the power within yourself and that you are an incredible Being. 

   * Dragons are assisting with helping you access greater strength and power while also transmuting lower energies and vibrations that do not match the higher frequency you are striving for. And they are helping you REMEMBER your greatness!

   * Faeries and Elementals will be helping you heal and step into your own magic through fun, joy, inner child healing and a deeper connection to the Earth which helps deepen that connection to self. This is also including working with crystals and visiting the crystal kingdom.

   * Unicorns are helping you ease any pain you hold in your heart and will help you see that Magic you hold. 

BONUS: The first 3 people to sign up get a bonus session with me that is 1:1 to do whatever it is YOU most need. This can be a journey, a Vortex Healing, a channeling session... whatever YOU are needing to assist you. This is a value of $295 and you get it for FREE! (Only one left!)


These six weeks are going to catapult you forward so you can access, understand, process and share your own authentic self at a much deeper and more profound level. 

Are you ready to commit? Are you ready to change your life forever?! 

This is only $797 for SIX weeks of working with me! PLUS a BONUS for the first THREE of a FREE 1:1 session!

Pay in full for $797

This program is currently in session and we are not accepting new members. Once I run this again I will let you know!

Payment plans:

Payment plans are available. 











One thing we desire for you to see and to understand more fully, is your ability to create who you desire to be.

Indeed, your life experiences have molded you. Your past lives have molded you. And the essence of your true soul self is a part of you. But when you seek that desire to 'be better', to 'improve', there are factors to consider.

You must first see that you are whole and complete as you are. But as humans you have 'baggage', so to speak. This is the beliefs of others that have been put upon you. When these beliefs are removed you are different. Those are NOT YOU. However, these experiences have impacted you in some way, those impacts upon you ARE a part of you.

Then you have the desire to be a certain way. Perhaps you have a desire to be bold and daring. Perhaps you desire to be funny. You may hold a wish to portray yourself a certain way. Even to dress a certain way. These are all things you may have and it is your limited perception (and beliefs) that may hold you back. You have the ability to CREATE this within yourself. You must first BELIEVE in YOU and love WHO YOU ARE regardless. See you are perfect right now. It is only the shedding of the things that are NOT you that will unveil that perfect you.

You do not see yourself as perfect. But look at it in human terms of perfectly imperfect. As your 'flaws' (as you see them) are a part of you and if you allow yourself to love those parts of you then you no longer feel disappointed.

Allow yourself to see your own divine perfection and realize that you are perfect, even now, in this moment. Allow all else to fall away. And in that, you shall begin to see your true joy revealed through an essence of truth of you.

Namaste my dear ones. 
(My guides)


I have worked with Lalantia personally and in a group. The messages she channels are so clear from your guides as well as her guides. They step forward in a powerful way to help guide you on your path to a higher vibration of service and healing. When your in a group the vibration is even higher then when you are working one on one so the messages are even stronger. I have NO doubt her membership program will be amazing, this is one program that I would spend money and time to participate in! - Denise Russell

Amazing channel and healing guide. Lalantia's magic combined with the highest energies set me into a deeper connection and profound learning of finding and healing my sacred Self. Beyond grateful for Lalantia the divine healer guide. Helping connect our magic with all the realms. Igniting truth and healing with the rainbow, crystal and gold energies. Connecting to the divine and awakening truth.

Quantum Level Love 
-Universal Magic Ignites​ Natasha 

I had two healing sessions with Lalantia and were out of this world, mind blowing, and life changing. The beings of light whom I connected offered so much healing and clarity and the exact messages that I needed. It truly is an amazing experience that is worth to have at least once in this lifetime. I love to have it once a week. The insights that you get from this sessions are extraordinary. Thank you! - Carmen


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