Activating the Keycodes to Authentic Expression with the Unicorns!

Your connection to self is the key to living
an aligned and happy life, free from the
restrictions of the society we live in.

Your resistance to connecting within is largely because of the trauma you have experienced for many lifetimes. From a time in Atlantis to current day you have been told that you cannot be your true self. You cannot express your truths without persecution and that you can face death if you do so. In fact, it’s likely that you did face death for expressing your true self in some form.

Because of this you have restricted energy to your heart, your higher heart and your thymus gland and shut down that deeper connection to yourself. To your true self and even to your soul.

In this workshop we will work with the Unicorns to remove these layers of traumas and fears that keep you from doing this deeper work. That keep you on the surface and not diving into the depths of who you are. This may have kept resistance strong as you struggle to allow the connection.

  • Connecting to your true self, your light and your divine essence

  • A sense of freedom through this depth of connection and new levels of trust

  • Connecting to memories and wisdom of past lives, including those of Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon

  • Bring a sense of peace and ease in your life

  • Feeling and expressing love for yourself and others more easily and naturally

  • Having more compassion and gratitude

  • Expressing your true self and who you are, as well as your truths. Expression of your light.

  • Have a greater connection and understanding of your purpose(s)
  • Finding alignment in your life through recognizing your true desires

  • Strengthening your immune system

  • Deeper connection with your intuition and psychic abilities

This workshop will assist you in:

  • Powerful healing with the Unicorns to release trauma, fears and resistance

  • Activating of the Thymus and connection to the Higher Heart

  • Activating DNA and keycodes that are a part of your unique signature to express the truth of your authentic self

  • Opening your heart and throat chakra, activating codes and weaving in energy to allow an embodiment of truth

  • Expression of authenticity through the voice

This Workshop Includes:

This workshop is a self-study that is delivered in three videos and a workbook. You can do it at your own pace. The three videos provide teachings, energy clearings, healings, connection with the Unicorns and guidance on how to continue this work on your own moving forward.

This will allow you to feel a stronger connection to your own guidance system (intuition), your passions and purposes as well as a feeling of well being, peace and freedom.

It’s time to release the binds
and be FREE to be who you are!


This course will be delivered through email
within 12 hours of you signing up for it.
It’s available at the early bird special of $197!

The regular price will be going up to $297.

This workshop is hosted by Lalantia, a Psychic Realm Channeler and Energy Healer who works with the Magical Realms to help YOU connect to the magic of your truest, most authentic self.

What others have said about working with Lalantia:



What others have said about working with Lalantia:

I had the best experience taking the awakening with the unicorns course. Lalantia Makana is very indepth and genuinely cares about her clients. She's available to answer questions and help you if you get stuck with anything. I will definitely take other courses with her in the future. She's amazing at what she does and I'm blessed to have her met her on my journey to finding myself again.