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You are a divine being with a purpose that is drawn in the stars.
You have chosen to come to Earth at this time and you are
ready to awaken others and to Activate Your Divine Essence. 

I understand that you may lack conviction in knowing
who you are and what you are meant to do.

I know that you feel that pull inside of you to do really BIG things,
but I get that you may feel stuck, unsure of what direction to take.

You feel in your heart that you are ready to find your purpose
and move into that energy, Activating Your Divine Essence. Connecting to the truth of who you are and what you are meant to do here. 

You KNOW you are meant to be a part of ushering in this New Earth, this new way of being, but you just feel lost. 

  • Open to the knowledge of the New Earth. To carry the energy of the future and be the divine light.

  • Illuminate your potential and tap into your higher self and your higher purpose.

  • Express your inner self and release your light to the world, changing it with your own divine being.

  • Step into the balance of the divine masculine and feminine, teaching others of the balance of the Universe and the need on Earth.

  • Step into a meaningful life. To complete a transformation, to go through a metamorphosis.

You are ready to:

You are the change. You are needed here now.
You are here to help create and manifest, a New Earth.


Do you hear that call? Do you feel that need,
that desire to create change and bring forth the Divine light?

Is a 6 or 12 (or more) week one on one mentorship package
to activate and open your Divine Gifts and find
your voice and purpose. We meet once a week
for 12 weeks. You also have access to me through email or messenger as needed.


You will receive the following
and whatever else YOU need.

  • Connection with your guides. This includes one that has been with you for all your lifetimes but also others that are stepping in to protect, teach, heal, etc. Expect to connect with many guides!

  • Opening of abilities (as you are ready)

  • Activation of CODES of wisdom & ancient knowledge store within you.

  • DNA Activations

  • Soul integration (as needed)

  • Healings

  • Past life journeys for healing, collection of codes, remembrance, etc

  • Connection to your current divine purpose.

  • Connection to your Higher Self and your Soul. Connecting to who you REALLY are.

Activate your Divine Essence

This complete transformation includes healing, teaching, guidance and support. Whatever is needed for you to step into your truth and power and Activate Your Divine Essence, finding your joy and sense of purpose.

The length of our time together is up to you. Many clients prefer to continue as even coaches have coaches! But it's all up to what aligns for you and works for you financially. 


We will be working with many guides in this program. This is meeting your main guides (protector, healer, specialized skills, main guide, etc) as well as many Galactic guides, Faery guides, Dragon guides, Unicorn guides, etc. 

This program is meant to truly AWAKEN you to your own soul. It's to TRULY deepen your connection to YOU through remembering. Through experiencing an incredibly POWERFUL transformation. 


Are you ready to step into your divine purpose?

Are you ready to ACTIVATE
your gifts and remember your truth? 

These 1:1 60 minute sessions are $111 when you commit to 6 weeks or more. You may pay weeky or bi-weekly, depending on your preference for how frequently we meet. 

We can meet weekly or bi-weekly. I am flexible if you prefer to spread it out further. 

Here's what some happy clients had to
say about working with Lalantia!



The greatest gift I could have ever given myself was Candace's 12 week mentoring program "Activate your Divine Essence". During the 12 weeks Candace and I visited weekly through a video zoom session. Each session would include either a healing or a guided journey and channeled guidance from my Spirit Team. Candace took me on several journeys where I met my Protector Guide and Healing Guide. With her guidance, I was able to quickly begin connecting on my own with many additional Guides, the Archangels, several Animal Spirit Guides, dragons, unicorns, elves, mermaids, my higher self and many more Divine Beings! The support she provides and the space she holds for the student is tremendous. I can not recommend Candace and her mentorship program enough. It was life-changing for me! Thank you Candace.

(Note that Candace is Lalantia.)