12 Month Magical Forecast

Are you looking for guidance for the coming year? I am offering a 12 month (January through

December) forecast for 2018. This is a forecast for the entire year. 

In this forecast for each month you receive:

- A channeled message for each month that covers personal, business, financial and


- A Goddess of the month. This is the Goddess stepping forward for that month to help you.

This is a great way to be prepare an altar and have focus each month.

- Guides, Animal Totem(s) or Magickal Being(s) of the month. This is the Being that is stepping forward for the month so you know what energy you are working with. This is also the Being I will be channeling with your message/reading so you will get familiar with their energy and receive any healing infused in the message. 

- A crystal of the month. This is so you know exactly what crystal energy will benefit you most for each month. This is not a physical crystal.  

This is delivered by PDF to your email. You can choose to reply with any remaining questions you have concerning the reading.

This is an extremely in depth reading, so upon booking know that it may take up to a week for me to complete, based on my schedule. I will be in touch with a time frame. 

The price of this package is $475. This is a one time fee and covers the ENTIRE year of 2018. I complete this prior to the beginning of 2018 so you can prepare for the energy. 


Please remember that this reading is a prediction based on the current energy and potential I see. Know that the future is NOT set in stone and you can change it. You have the ability to create your reality and if you see one month is more difficult, you know then what to prepare for and to change the outcome. YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER YOUR FUTURE! 


Are you ready to jump in? Are you ready to see what 2018 has in store for you?  


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