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Hello, welcome! I am Lalantia, a Psychic Realm Channeler and Energy Healer. I tap into realms normally beyond our reach and access guidance, support and healing from Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns, Faeries and other Beings of Myth and Magic. I am guided to explore these realms and bring back insight others may not have access to, or know how to reach. I also have the ability to facilitate awakening, healings, and psychic abilities.

I work deeply with the Magical Realms, but I also work with the Lost Lands of Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon. Past life work is a major part of my practice and the work I do with my clients. 

I am passionate about helping people remember, and reclaim, their magic. To move out of the fear of our world and find love, peace and connection. I love to see my clients find their power and step up into their greatest passions and purpose. To find joy again and not just live in survival. 

I work with so many beings and refuse to put myself in a box. I work with Merlin and other Ascended Masters, but I also work with gods and goddesses, like Freyja and Odin (only to mention a few). Galactic Beings are often coming forward as well with guidance and support as we co-create the New Earth.

While I work with tools sometimes I like to incorporate the tools in an energetic way. When I work with crystals they don't have to be physical, tarot doesn't have to be a physical card- I can bring in the energy to help facilitate a healing. And the runes, the magickal keys to so many doors and a deep remembering. All of these tools I have physically as I love to handle them and photograph them, but my deepest work is done energetically. 

I invite you to join me in my Facebook group Sorceress' Circle where I'm live three times a week, check out my YouTube channel, The Lalantia Show and drop me a message on instagram to say hello!

I have many meditations, healings and journeys recorded and available for purchase on Podia. Some are even free! I hope you'll check it out!

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Lalantia is skilled in the following areas:




Channeling all the Magical Beings like Faeries, Elementals, Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids and more!



A trained crystal healer, working with the
essence of crystal
energy, bringing it
forward to use in healing. 



Working with the Elementals, Nature Spirits & Faeries, including healing, manifesting and more...



As an energy healer using the Vortex activated within me, channeling Merlin and healing, shifting energy.

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As a Psychic Realm Channeler and Healer I have the ability to bring through guidance, healing and support from other Realms. As a Seer I have the ability to see what is your highest potential.



I'm so happy to have come across Candace! I've been following her for a bit as I started learning about my gifts and what I needed to help grow them. One thing I was told was to be less in my head and more in my heart and as I was trying to figure it out Candace offered her Unicorn Heart Healing. I knew this was just what I needed . Candace is a really sweet, caring individual who listens and works for your highest good. After our session I left feeling in the right place, joy was in my heart and I could feel it. Now whenever I think or speak, I can feel my heart engaged and my head gives my heart space. Can't thank you enough Candace!!!!

(Note that Candace is Lalantia.)

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